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Duuuumb question, but here goes. I'm <1 year as a FPA and am starting to get more patient volume in the office (new practice, so I was doing mostly inpatient if I didn't have anyone scheduled). Well I'm doing fine with the time management on seeing patients, but it takes me FOREVER to chart. I know the docs are prob like WTF is she doing, but I like to be really thorough and I'm afraid I'm gonna miss something, so maybe I write too much. I look at the docs notes, and theirs are a few sentences compared to my really long paragraph. Something I'm doing wrong... A way to speed things up for myself, or will it just come with time?



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dragon medical voice to print.....


about $1300 but you time is worth it!



you will get faster



do some chart reviews with the doc's to see where you can improve... also will show them that you are aware you need to speed up...



a word of caution - sometimes it is bad to chart too much - leaves a LOT of possible things you could investigate and be held responsible for - as well - if you are referring a patient out the specialist really does not want to (or need to) learn about every tiny detail....... brevity will come in time, and is needed




Billing audit is also a good idea to makes sure you are billing for all that you do

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