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I'm an aspiring PA student and I have done a lot of research on the differences between MPAS and MPAS/MPH, but lots of the articles I found online reference money and big picture goals for PA's with MPH. They don't really narrow in on differences between jobs you may acquire, leadership positions, or any other true benefit past what you can achieve with just your MPAS. Are there any practicing PA's out there and/or students with enough familiarity with this topic to persuade students considering both? i.e. Why would I want to spend 50-70k more and about 8-12 months more to achieve a MPH on top of becoming a PA?


Thank you all for your time

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you can get an mph for an extra 20-25 if you do it postgrad at several places. if you can get it cheap along with the pa I would do that.

the MPH is a stand alone degree in public health that can be used by itself or along with the pa cert.

all govt jobs give more $ for folks with an mph and all overseas jobs are easier to get with the mph. doctors without borders for example likes pas to have the mph.

worth doing if you ever want to do something outside the norm.

I don't have an mph but am getting a DHSc for many of the same reasons folks pursue an mph.

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look at some of my past posts on the topic ....

PM me if you want to discuss ....

An MPH at a private inst can be quite expensive.

What is the MPH focused on ? is it a general MPH or one focused on research methods, policy, epidemiology etc.. This could influence your future employment.

A general MPH or one focused on health policy/mgmt could position a PA to become a clinical or hospital administrator. Also could open doors for policy positions.

Other MPH degrees could set someone up for a career in academics.. mostly PA world academics as most public health or medical schools will require a doctoral degree.

If you have NO IDEA which career path or area of MPH study you wish to undertake I would suggest holding off. Wait until you have a job ... pay for your MPH without loans ... better yet have the hospital pay for the tuition.

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the MPH is a stand alone degree in public health that can be used by itself or along with the pa cert.

all govt jobs give more $ for folks with an mph and all overseas jobs are easier to get with the mph. doctors without borders for example likes pas to have the mph.


when did dwb start accepting PAs?

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      I have browsing this forum for awhile and appreciate everyones time and advice.
      To explain a little about my situation, I have a BA in Kinesiology that i completed in 2016. I became a personal trainer after school and really fell in love with client interactions, but felt as though I could do more for myself and my career. I went back to complete some science pre requisites for Physical Therapy school but realized DPT wasn't for me. I decided to leave my job at the commercial training job to work with partners/friends at a private training gym that we started together. This was tough at the time, and unfortunately COVID ruined our business, and lost my job.
      I was lost, bitter and decided I no longer wanted to be a trainer anymore. I hate the business side of it after grinding in that sector for years, but love working with patients and healthcare. I wanted more for my life. My family is full of medical professionals and always loved the healthcare environment. I decided to go back to school online while locked down to keep me busy and learning more about health. I was accepted into an MS of kinesiology and have been realizing that its not as fun for me as it used to be since I want something different. I am fully intending to apply to PA school next year after I finish my masters and remaining pre-reqs this summer.
      With that being said, I currently have the option to switch my graduate focus from MS Kinesiology to MS Health Sciences, which has courses in Epidemiology, Global Health, Theories and models of health behaviors, Program design and evaluation, etc.
      I emailed my advisor to make the switch as I feel as though it will make my application stronger for PA school, but am now unsure if it will make a difference between MS Kine or Health Sciences. 
      Any thoughts or comments?
      Thank you so much for your time
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      Hi All!
      I am a graduate student in public health and have worked with providers to inform patient care plans as well as screen patients for adverse childhood experiences, resiliency, quality of life, etc... I have not been an EMT, CNA, Aid, or other roles that are usually seen with direct patient care experience for PA schools. I have already submitted my application, but after attending an information session I am nervous that schools will not count my public health hours as patient care (I made the mistake of listing them as health care experience and not patient care experience). Does anyone have any thoughts on this process? I have already reached out to one school directly and added the experiences as patient care experience in CASPA (it lets you do this even after submission, but I do not know what happens next). I do have a lot of healthcare experience and research experience. Have anyone else added experiences after they submitted? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to private message if that is better for you. Thanks so much! I really appreciate any support with this!
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      Hi, I wanted to start this topic to see if anyone doing the MPH/MPA dual degree program is active on the forum! I hope to hear back soon!
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      Hello everyone, I wanted to create a group thread discussing the potential pros/cons of pursuing the PA/MPH route! I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on the new dual degree program. 
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      Hello All,
      I am relatively new to the pre-PA profession but after a lot of soul searching, I am going to apply again to schools this year. Last year, I only applied to 5 schools. I need help deciding what to do between now and application time. I know there's only a few months left before CASPA opens, but any help is appreciated. Here are some stats about me:
      Undergrad GPA 
      Overall: 2.5
      Science: 2.4 
      MPH GPA
      Overall: 3.8 
      Science classes (2): 4.0 
      Post-bacc GPA (1 year): 
      Overal: 3.85
      Science: 4.0 (got a B in calculus) 
      Took sociology online (A), anatomy and physio for my masters online (A), and taking psychology this semester online (hopefully get an A).
      Critique my plan please:
      I had no luck last cycle, a 310 composite GPA and a 6/6 on the writing portion, 1000+ PCE, working in biotech now (pays well so not sure if I need to switch jobs for more PCE, would rather work on weekends in PCE if possible), 2000+ HCE 
      Apply earlier this time for sure. Applied in October last time My undergrad gpa had so many credits from me not passing classes, hence the MPH (which I love the subject but quickly found it is not a lucrative career to pay back student loans) and post bacc  Retaking psychology online  Hopefully taking micro online for the first time  Maybe taking ochem/biochem online again  Stats for pre reqs: Gen chem (A), bio (A), ochem (C), anatomy/physio (A), sociology (A), psychology (C), stats (A), english (A)  Should I just retake the pre reqs? Should I fill in some science classes? I think I redid how long it will take me to bring up my GPA to above a 3.0 for both and it's another year of full time classes MAYBE to get a 3.0  I have no shadowing, so planning to shadow a PA (I've shadowed an MD and DO)  applying to MA jobs (I was an MA without the certification)  targeting schools that emphasize the last 60 units  calling/emailing schools to ask if they will take my app if below a 3.0 Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated! I work full time in biotech right now and would love to stay working if possible. I know my GPA is a low point hence me trying to fix it. Thank you!
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