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Leads on International Rotation - Spanish Speaking

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I have searched the forum quite a bit and haven't come across any international rotation threads since 2011, and none that were particularly helpful.


Have any of you done an international rotation in a Spanish speaking country? I am hoping to organize one for next year (May 2014 - May 2015).


Our program allows us to do international rotations, but we are required to submit information for review. I am looking for something 4 weeks in length, located in a Spanish speaking country. I am hoping that someone can provide a name, organization, or website that they are confident recommending to a fellow PA student so I can get started researching and getting all the details together.


Please let me know if you have any questions!



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Its not international, per se, but I did my MPH practicum in Laredo TX and they are in dire need of healthcare providers. They get ALOT of spanish speaking individuals from Mexico because of the violence on the other side of the border running some doctors out of Nuevo Laredo. So, if you can't find something overseas, you might consider going down to the border for a rural, binational experience. Its the US, but its very Mexican, and you will face many of the struggles that you would find in other countries, including people taking unregulated medications and products (like skin lightening creams), harmful traditional medicines designed to ward off evil spirits, and noncompliance based on cultural and religious beliefs. 


I do have some contact information for some of the clinics, as well as my preceptor who is a Mexican doctor and could help you out whether you want to go to Laredo or somewhere closer to Central America.

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