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Rules and requirements for working outside of US

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Hi :)

I'm a newly graduated PA and except to have my NCCPA license in a few weeks.


I have 2 inter-related questions:


1) I am more interested in practicing outside of US. I know there are many opportunities via US armed forces and such but I would prefer not to be employed through the US government. What other options does a newly certified PA have? In case it matters, I'm a US citizen.


2) I know different coutries will have different rules and regulations regarding licensure and practice but generally speaking would I need certification from other countries to practice there? Do I need to maintain my PA certification and license in the US as well if I'm not practicing in the US? OR, is there a resource/recruiter I can look at to get details of how/what/where about employment opportunities for US PAs outside of US?


Thanks to all who take the time to respond!

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To PAs interested in working abroad in the UK, visit http://www.parecruit...olutions.co.uk/


We are the first and only UK PA recruitment agency specialising in placing experienced American PAs with jobs in the UK. We are 100% PA owned and managed. We have exciting jobs coming up regularly. Send us your CV and an email of interest to info@parecruitmentsolutions.co.uk


Thank you!

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I am a US trained PA working in Scotland now for almost 4 years.  You only need to hold your NCCPA license requirements and will need to continue to keep that up to date.  At the moment, it is required you register with the MVR (Managed Voluntary Registry) for PAs.  We are currently hiring at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital and are looking both in the UK and abroad for any interested candidates.  The job post is found on the NHS Scotland SHOW website:   https://jobs.scot.nhs.uk/_Details.aspx?vacNo=384462

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Also, need to consider the scope of practice as a PA overseas - most likely less autonomy and over-regulated. Moreover, the salaries are quite lower, however depending on the countries economic climate, purchasing power may be good.

depends on location. I have some friends who are em PAs in england and they are scheduled interchangeably with er docs. they can run the dept, be the only provider there, etc.

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