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Why not move the PA school to Lubbock?

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Wooh. Fyi I emailed USN&WR to ask if Texas Tech’s ranking of #94 was before or after probation and they said before and it does not include probation. USN&WR said the probation will reduce TTUs ranking . They said they don’t have the details about what Tech is doing wrong. This has to be why they want to move the school to Lubbock.

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I think it has something to do with politics. The students would love to have it in Lubbock.  The bad thing is Midland is not as student friendly as Lubbock.  There aren't too many places to study, libraries close at 9pm, and it's expensive to live right now.  The good thing about having it in Midland, though, is that we are the faculty's main focus out here.  We don't have to compete with the med, nursing, allied health schools for classrooms, labs, etc. We have a very nice building and equipment that are dedicated solely to us.  Everybody is happy.

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This article explains the political situation. http://www.mrt.com/top_stories/article_6e9b18d2-ef4b-11e2-a8e9-001a4bcf887a.html?mode=jqm


Keeping the program in Midland has its problems. Not many people want to go to school way out in west Texas in what is not even a university town. That being said, it seems to be a good program with a high PANCE pass rate. The program IS housed in a nice building and the school is conveniently located near lots of apartments, restaurants and shopping. Not a bad place for professional school. Lubbock would probably be a lot better but that isn't going to happen.


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I don't know too much about the politics of why TT put the PA school in Midland, but I currently live in Midland and can tell you a little about the town. 

It really is a great place to be right now. The boom has brought quite a bit to Midland (and surrounding towns). It's great to live somewhere that holds so much excitement and promise! It's not a huge city, but because of the boom, it has many big city amenities (as far as restaurants and shopping goes). The housing situation out here is pretty crazy; you will definitely want a roommate or two! I live in a one bedroom (772 sq ft) apartment and pay about $1320.00 per month (not including any bills). I've looked into getting a larger apartment, but some of those can run up to $2000 per month (or even more if it's a newer apartment). Hopefully we are looking at lower rent costs soon since there have been quite a few new apartments go up in the past year or so. Another factor that some people talk about is how little there is to do here in Midland. It is definitely NOT a young people's town. That being said - that could be a positive thing for people in such a work-intensive, high volume school program. Just looking at the silver lining! 

Midland is a very friendly town! You will love it here if you are accepted to the program! Good luck to everyone!!

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With the large amount of people moving to Midland for the oil boom, healthcare providers are needed more than ever here in the area. With the school located in Midland, we as students are better able to serve the Midland/ Odessa community. We have already been involved in a health fair where we were able to take BPs for people in the area and we have volunteered at local hospitals/ spoken on local news stations.


In the sense of less distractions I agree with mraschke. The work load is heavy and intensive and demands a lot of time with the books, so having less distractions is nice. We were however able to make a few trips to Lubbock for cadaver lab and were able to enjoy the lively Lubbock college town.


What it all comes down to is the quality of the education, regardless of the location. At the Tech PA program in Midland, I have personable professors who are fun and present the information in a way that is easily understood, the best class I could ask for, and good resources. We have a virtual cadaver table (with digitally colored CT images of real people) and various simulation labs and wet labs that are brought to campus. I would highly recommend TTUHSC PA program in midland to anyone interested in the PA profession.

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