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I got an offer today for an Urgent Care Gig


It includes 95,000 salary (45.68 per hr), Full health/dental no cost to me, 1% matching 401k, 2 weeks PTO, 10,000 sign on bonus, malpractice paid.


It also includes $10.00 per RVU for each RVU generated over 3250 per year, BONUS.


This is a 3 year contract.


Is the RVU bonus subject to higher taxes than my normal income will be? How many RVU's can I expect based on an avg pt load of 25 pt per day?


I am going to counter with a request for DEA, License Registration paid, and 50 dollars per/hr.


I have never worked based on RVU, so this is new, all help I can get would be great!!!!

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how much experience do you have?

I work on production at some places and straight salary at others. I prefer salary.

make sure they don't pay you in adv. based on "expected productivity" or you may owe them at the end of the year.

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Let's say, for easy math, you work 10 hrs/, 4 days/week, 50 weeks a year. Yields about 2000 works hrs/ year.


You say you expect to average 3 pts/ hr, yields 6000 pt/ year.


Urgent care usually averages acuity/ severity levels 2-4, with 5 being critical care. Let's average acuity as level 2.5, which with urgent care yields about 1.5-2.5 RVU/pt... Yielding about 9000-15000 RVUs/ pt.


Now some pts will be level I 0.5 RVUs, but that will be the rare pt.


Couple questions:


Does your contract stiplulate RVUs COLLECTED, or simply BILLED?


Let's split the RVU range and agree with 6k patient visits/ year, you might bill 12000 RVUs. Say you collect 50%.


Leaves you with 2800 RVUs over your 3200 minimum, yielding a 28 k bonus


As to your tax question, there in no difference in taxing the bonus from salary, as the bonus is included in the salary...


If the bonus is indeed that large, you may find that it bumps you into a different tax bracket, which will effect your total tax burden.


Ask your potential employer the typical RVU/severity level of the clinic( don't forget procedures!)


Match that data against my numbers.


If at all compatible, sounds like a sweet deal, and one I would take..


Assuming that you can get access to an accurate set of books.

Good luck

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many places pay out rvu bonuses either monthly or quarterly.

I don't like depending on rvu bonuses to meet my financial needs. I have had bonuses range from 220 dollars to 19,000 dollars and you don't really know what it will be until the check arrives. my contracts have always been written that bonuses for the group come out of profit. if the group decides(the docs decide...) to buy a new 45k fluoro machine that quarter everyone's bonuses will be less. the pas have no control over this. I work on a bonus system at my primary job and I just assume that the bonus will be zero. I can't count on it so I shouldn't budget for it. one quarter I bought my wife a new car for cash with my bonus. anothr quarter we went to dinner with my bonus.

I prefer a straight hourly rate whether I see 6 pts/hr or spend the whole shift drinking coffee. both of my per diem jobs are structured this way and that is money I can count on every month. dollars/hr x hrs=money before taxes, not dollars/hr+/- fuzzy math= income. several of my colleagues try to budget for an avg bonus level. somethimes it works, sometimes they have to sell a car to pay the mortgage...

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I got the 50/hr, DEA/Licensing fees paid, and 4% year raise. The hospital gave me RVU data from 2012 on their NPs that work in outlying clinics. The most RVUs was 4600. That seems extremely low and they must not be seeing many patients or they suck at documenting.

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I got the 50/hr, DEA/Licensing fees paid, and 4% year raise. The hospital gave me RVU data from 2012 on their NPs that work in outlying clinics. The most RVUs was 4600. That seems extremely low and they must not be seeing many patients or they suck at documenting.

Hey I sent you a DM. I'd love the opportunity to chat, I'm in the same boat. 

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    • By CPPAC
      I'm a PA who's been working in Oklahoma doing general surgery and urology at the same hospital since I graduated in May 2018. I have two concerns:
      1) I finished a 1-year contract and resigned for a 3-year contract which bases my annual bonus off of RVUs (very low 1520). I recently finished the first year of this contract and I've been told the hospital doesn't know how many RVUs I've accumulated because they don't know how to calculate my RVUs from surgery. Apparently, they have always had this issue with RVU calculations for PAs (there is only one other PA working in ortho at this hospital) and they've been "working to figure it out" , but I've been asking for my productivity for about two years and have yet to get ANYTHING useful. In fact, I have been stood-up twice by the clinic manager for scheduled meetings to discuss productivity.
      2) As I mentioned, recently finished off the first year of that contract. I requested an annual review and the clinic manager completely ignored that portion of my email. Seems completely unprofessional to not perform reviews. Convinced my first job at a bowling alley was more professional than this.
      Wondering if this kind of thing is normal or just a lazy clinic manager...and maybe any legal advice regarding them giving me a contract with a metric that they have admitted they don't know how to measure. Thanks in advance.
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      Hello everyone, 
      I work at a rural hospital in orthopedic surgery. I recently met with my employer’s director of clinical operations to discuss my productivity. In my second contract (signed this summer) it states that there will be a bonus of $25 for every wRVU over 2350. Last year as a new graduate I produced somewhere around 4300. During the meeting with the director I was given a statement of practice operations stating my current RVUs, charges, etc with the statement that the “fee modifying deduction” has not yet been added to the RVU total. He states that I will receive 25% of the surgeon’s RVUs for each billable surgery. That makes sense, however, they are wanting to give me 85% of my own clinic RVUs. Does anyone else have any experience with these kind of deductions in regards to their bonus payout? I know the conversion factor of $25 is already pretty low, so are they trying to avoid paying me with these deductions? There is nothing in my contract regarding these deductions.
      Thanks in advance.
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      Hi All,
      Does anyone have any experience with being compensated with RVU alone?  Our physician staffing firm is contemplating straight RVU compensation.
      We have been hourly since the beginning, but recently there has been a lot of talk about going to RVU w/o a base salary just like our supervising ED Docs.
      Any insights would be greatly appreciated.
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      hi everyone, I just accepted a new job offer for PA position which I am incredible excited about.  My current job has very long and detailed contract (17 pages).  A good portion of my salary is paid out in quarterly productivity bonuses, which ends up amounting to ~1/3 of my salary.  I received the amount for my most recent productivity bonus (aug/sept/oct), with it cced to payroll stating it will go into my next paycheck (which is unfortunately not until Dec 1).  The minimum notice I have to give my current job is 30 days.  However, I was hoping to give more time (6 weeks) as I know they will probably need to hire another employee.  I am unsure if I should give my notice before I actually receive my bonus in my paycheck.  In my contract it states  "Payments to the productivity structure will be made during the tenure of your employment with the P.C. No monies under the incentive structure will be due to you, from the day you leave the PC."  I am assuming that means after I leave the practice I will not be eligible for the remaining funds.  My last date of employment would not be until January 5th (which if needed I can extend as my start date is not until Jan 15).  My gut is telling me to wait, but I unfortunately let my boss know I was hoping to speak with him.  I was wondering if anyone had any prior experience with this as it is a substantial amount of money.  Also, if anyone has any useful tips on giving notice it would be greatly appreciated.  I have done it once before, however this time my nerves and anxiety are very high.  Probably since I have been at my current job for a lot longer than the previous and have this sense of guilt about leaving (although I know I am not doing anything wrong). Thanks you so incredibly much in advance. 
    • By Heidi1234
      I am an ortho PA for a large hospital owned ortho group. I was hired 3 1/2 years ago to work with a specific surgeon. As the PA's in the group have increased, the management team is looking at our salaries and seeing that we don't make enough RVU's to cover our salary. The only ones who are doing so, work for total joint surgeons. My surgeon does maybe 1 total a week and mostly outpatient surgeries that some can bill for me and some can't. Since the surgeon gets paid based on RVU's (and I get paid a salary from the hospital), he does not want me to do things that can be billed. Therfore, I am seeing all postop's, injections, and fracture follow-ups. There is no way I can make my salary in RVU's if I am not seeing many billable patients.
      Does anyone have any advice on how to track our productivity that is not RVU based?
      Other ortho PA's - are you paid by the hospital or surgeon? Do you have issues with "making your salary?"
      Thanks in advance.
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