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One path to becoming a practicing PA

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browndog, I would do it all over again for several reasons:


1. It is an absolute ball practicing medicine and the PA path has given me the chance to do that, even at my age. Not all sweetness and light, but a ball.


2. The experience of going to school again was incredible. I got to go back in time and relive experiences that I never thought I'd see again.


3. I got to learn something new -- a lot of things new! -- and get exposed to the final two sciences at the college level: biology and psychology (had the others -- math, physics, and chemistry in my engineering programs).


4. I learned a lot about myself in the process. It wasn't always easy, but I learned that I can still learn and adapt, even at my age.


5. I made a lot of good friends who didn't care how old I was, unless they solicited some life advice.


6. Involving my wife and family in the escapade drew us together.


7. I was a positive role model for my kids, my grandkids (6 of them now), and hopefully people thinking about possible adventures who decide to read my book.


Good luck to you, fellow traveler!

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