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Would like to shadow a PA in Philadelphia or South Jersey

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My name is Tom and I would like to shadow a PA to gain a better understanding of the profession as well as meet the shadowing experience/hours to apply for a program. Ideally I would prefer to shadow a PA who works in emergency medicine, GI, infectious disease, or internal medicine, but I would appreciate any opportunity that is available.


I've completed most prerequisite classes, with a 4.0, and only have to complete Chemistry II and Organic Chemistry. I'm currently working as a CNA in New Jersey and have previously volunteered for a year in the emergency department at Georgetown University Hospital. My BA is in communications/public relations and I was previously working in the public affairs department of the Australian Embassy in Washington, DC. That is until, at age 30, I realized I wanted to have more of an impact on people's lives and help educate them on how to better care for themselves.


I would greatly appreciate anyone who could help with shadowing experience or point me in the right direction. I tried the http://pashadowonline.com/ website, however there aren't any PAs registered in my area.


Thank you,



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