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I'm a first-year PA student at Salus, who just like you, was very recently anxious on my interview. I can't really be too specific with what the interview entails, but I'd like to give you some tips.


First off, know what kind of candidate you are. Are you more of a fresh undergrad with more research experience and little paid HCE, someone who's been in healthcare and is looking to advance as a PA, or someone from a different career altogether. There are no correct answers or best candidate type. PA schools like rounding, up, and getting some diversity in background on their students. Know what kind of candidate you are, communicate that in your answers clearly, and show them how your unique background and skillset makes a good match for the program.


I can't emphasize this enough. Everything you've done so far was to qualify you as a candidate worthy of being evaluated further. The challenge now is to show that you're the best choice out of these all these other worthy candidates. They already know your grades, test scores, and HCE from the application. There is no need to reiterate these numbers to them. Show them how you are as a person instead (healthcare philosophy, goals as a PA, etc). You needed the best numbers to qualify for the application. This time you need to be the best person for this program.


Needless to say, they will want to know exactly why you want to be a PA, and perhaps why other comparable fields (nursing school, med school, grad school etc.) were not quite a good as fit for you as this field was. The second major part will be to explain why you chose Salus specifically. A good tip here is to know the school's mission and history, then relate it to yourself. This is how you show how well you will fit in the program.


Lastly, be confident when the interview starts.


Much as you're trying to impress them, don't forget that they're trying to impress you too.

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