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Shifts for working parents question

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Hi everyone!


I have a question for working moms (or dads).


Have you found it better to work fewer, but longer shifts or more, but shorter shifts?


For example, I currently work in FP 5-6 days per week, averaging 5-7 hour days. My total weekly hours are 34-38 hours. l would be taking call every other weekend, which is generally very light.


I have a job offer for four 10-hour shifts at a preop clinic (7a-5p, generally more than enough time to eat during the day so no one leaves for lunch). No holidays/call, low-stress, etc. (And best benefits in the state...I used to work at this specific university hospital, though that's not really relevant here).


Any opinions on longer vs shorter shifts with kids (and if age matters, mine are almost 5 years old and 18 months old)?




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I agree, shorter shifts work better for me. I have one day where I leave while the kids are still asleep and come back after they're in bed. It sucks and I feel like I didn't get to share their day AT ALL. Even if they were awake when I got home, I'd be too tired to do anything other than kiss them goodnight.

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my experience has been 100% working nights is the best overall option.

when I work the kids sleep. I get off work, come home and wake them up, take them to school, then sleep.

I pick them up from school, do stuff with them, have dinner, put them to bed, then go to work.

from their perception, whenever they are home and awake I am there.

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I worked long shifts and call, at first. When I realized I wasn't spending enough time with kids, I switched to short hrs., 30-36 hrs/week. I was there for all their games, school meetings, cooked dinner nightly, etc. my youngest is 19 now, so I'm about to go back to 12hr. shifts, 3 days/wk-4 days/week alternating. I know all their friends well, from elementary school through college. I was always there for them while growing up, so now I can choose whatever schedule I want. I wouldn't have it any other way.

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