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Chemistry II prerequisite problem

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I'm looking for advice on taking a prerequisite Chemistry II class because I'm unsure how the admissions office will view my potential decision. The school I'm currently at offers a Chemistry II class specifically for science and pre-med majors, however it's only in the evening and I work evenings. I could take the evening class, but then that means working part-time at current job and then getting a second part-time job - not ideal. There's another school that offers a Chemistry II class for the general student population that I could attend in the morning. But will the admissions office see this as me not wanting to take the class specifically for science majors and view it as taking an easier class? Or will they overlook it all since I also have to take an organic chemistry class?

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Most schools will probably not have that much of an issue. It is becoming increasingly common to find that applicants have had to find creative ways to weave a work schedule and school schedule together.


On the other hand, be prepared to demonstrate that you understand PA school is a serious financial commitment and you have a plan in place to make it feasible.

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