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Requirements for PA school

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Which school if any accepts an associate degree in nursing? I've been a RN for 9 years.


There are a handful of programs left that don't require a bachelor's degree. These programs typically give you a certificate or bachelor's degree upon completion of the program. The MEDEX program in Washington State has this option. Keep in mind that you will still need to meet their pre-requisite coursework requirements, such as Anatomy, Physiology, Biology, Chemistry, etc. Many programs also require that these classes were taken within the last 5 years, so you will probably have to go back to school anyway to complete those. I know that many nursing programs have their own condensed science courses - these will most likely not be counted. The vast majority say that they need to be taken at the pre-med level.


Go here http://www.paeaonline.org/?ht=d/ContentDir/pid/255


Search for programs by state that award Certificates and Bachelor's degrees.


I was told last night at a session at the University of Utah PA program that by 2020 that all PA programs are required to be Master's level programs.

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