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A little about myself:


I currently have a BA in Psychology with honors blah blah. I am working as a research assistant doing Epi research on cervical cancer in Kenya. I originally thought I was interested in conducting research and pursuing a PhD, but after multiple years working in research, I am beginning to realize that the field lacks some very important qualities that I would desire in a career. I am weighing my options and am considering both PA and MD. I believe the MD would be worth the sacrifice that I am aware it requires, but I want to explore my options to ensure I don’t pursue a career based on prestige, potentially endless opportunities for research, admin. potential etc. (MD) when a career as a PA may offer me all the things that I desire in a career. I want to know as much as possible before choosing my path ☺


Though I am decided on a care provision career, I am not sure I could give up research entirely. What are PA's options for working in research? Ideally, I would like to conduct research in Liberia, possibly as a Principal investigator. Would this be possible as a PA? Research is not my priority for my career, but I would like to have this option open if possible.


Thanks for your feedback.


*I have other questions but have elected to post them in individual threads*

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