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I've really been looking into this program and have some questions. Does a CNA count as being professionally licensed? phlebotomist? If not, what would be the next easiest thing to do? Respitory Therapist? I am only a senior in high school, but I am already looking into pa programs. I just want the fastest way without being in practice for 10 years before I go to pa school. Thanks!

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Hey Nate,

Unfortunately CNA or phlebotomist does not count as healthcare experience.  I am currently a student at UND and from our class makeup, it needs to be in a setting where you are proving more than just supportive care, be it an RN, RT, Paramedic (not basic EMT or Intermediate), Radiology/Cath Lab Technician.  These are all fields that allow you to have some type of education beyond just the basics.  Don't look for the fastest route to get there, but the route that is right for you where you can learn and hone what you know, because yes some of it helps, but most of our past careers do not do us justice in what we are learning.  One of our professor's told us one day "forget what you know, as we are teaching you a whole new meaning and learning style in medicine."  It hits deep because it's the truth. 


As a senior in high school, stay focused while you get into college, become an EMT on the side, then a Paramedic or Nurse or whatever you want besides what I talked about above, then work for awhile finding your niche.  Don't limit yourself to one school, be open minded and strive to learn more, and to be a good student.  Hope this helps, best of luck.  Work hard.

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