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2014 Application ?

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Got an interview invite too for the end of October!  Super stoked since this is one of my first choice schools! 


Does anyone have any information about the Tuesday evening Reception?  I've been on a couple of other interviews and have never heard of something like this on a PA school interview.  Will there be food and drinks?! 


I've been scrolling through the forum and can't seem to find any information about the actual interview itself.  I was wondering if anyone out there, that's been through the interview, can fill us in about the format and their own experience. 


Congrats everyone!

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Could anyone who was accepted  (or wl, denied) to RRCC PA program PM me (or post if you are comfortable) your stats?  RR is my first choice school, but I really did not do well in Undergrad.  I was able to get a 4.0 in my last 80 credits, taken post bacc, but still don't know if it will be enough!


I understand the mean and median scores posted for RRCC, but I am looking for some more tangible numbers.


Thank you

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