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Pre-PA as the spouse of a PA-C

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I'm fortunate to be married to a successful PA-C. She went to school, I enlisted in the military, both knowing that it would be a while before we were able to spend much time together.


She has since graduated, now has a few years of experience, we had a son...and I gained interest in the profession throughout her process from start to finish. The medical emergencies I've dealt with on the water (USCG) have really peaked my interest in the PA field. With a few years left on my enlistment, I am planning to go the PA route (attempt IPAP and civilian schools).


With that aaid, I have a few questions. I can only assume that shadowing your own Wife could be considered a bit shady. Fortunately she has colleagues who she can put me in contact with so I doubt I'll need to do that. Should I anyway?


What about scribing for her or the physician she works for? Would that be unacceptable?


Should I even mention my Wife in my statements and interviews? She definitely opened my eyes to the field and I owe my interest mostly to her experiences...so I feel its a vital part of my statement. However, I can see how it could be misconstrued as someone who feels they have an 'in' because they are married to a PA. I definitely dont want to portray that.


Anyone else have this situation? How do you feel about it.

Thanks in advance.

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I think that shadowing your wife would probably look lazy at worst and odd at best. I would definitely mention that she is one though, and especially the fact that you were together when she went through school. I think this would show that you really know the effort that goes into completing school, and in the profession in general.


I would also make sure not to give the impression that you want to be a PA because your wife is a PA. Adcoms obviously want to make sure that your main motivation comes from within.


Good luck

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If you're MARRIED to a PA, any program that demands you have shadowing to apply should be questioned--they're obviously the sorts of places where rules trump common sense.


I don't think being married to someone in a profession necessarily means you have a good working knowledge of that profession.

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