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Interview season is starting shortly, this thread is dedicated for discussion of the 2016 class - application cycle, stats exchange, etc.


Personal info:

GPA; 3.4

sGpa: 3.24

GRE: 148/153


Strong personal statement and strong LORs, exceptional circumstances.

Major: Bio/Chem


Post up your stats people! :) I will update if and when I get an interview. (fingers crossed)


Thanks and good luck everybody!

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Im going to be applying to all NSU programs. My CASPA will be submitted totday so I don't know my gpa calcuations yet (I know they revise everything) but I have 4 years of health care experience. Everyone let me know when they hear back for an interview!

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GPA: 3.91

SGPA: 3.81

GRE 157/154/4.5

HCE: 1800 hours as CNA at hospital

PA observation primary care: 24 hours

PA observation cardiology icu: a lot (I work with this PA)

PA observation cardiothoracic surgery: 20 hours

MD general pediatric surgeon: 30 hours

Volunteer at church: ~15 and counting

Major: Health Science

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Question - every time I try to click on the supplemental application link on the website, I am rerouted to a general admissions page. Is it not possible to complete the supplemental app until after they've received your CASPA? Is anyone else having this problem?


GPA: 3.32

sGPA: 3.14

GRE: still waiting on scores to post from last week

Direct HCE: 300 and counting as CNA in hospital (currently working);

Indirect HCE: 232 hrs (volunteer in clinic, hospital)

Shadowing: General Surgeon 20 hrs, Nurse Practitioner 10 hrs, PA 8 hrs

Clinical Research: 160 hrs

Mission Trip: 50 hrs

Major: Biological Sciences

Activities: Varsity athlete in college


Good luck to all!

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I am from Dayton, OH, attending school in Columbus. Most of my family lives in Florida though, so I have always wanted to go to school and end up here! My top choice is Orlando.


My app was mailed around 7/1 and I submitted the supplemental a few days after. I also applied to Orlando & Jacksonville, but haven't heard anything from them yet. In the Ft. Lauderdale forum people have said they have started getting interview invites though, but all of the campuses act separately.

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I submitted my CASPA late June and my supplemental the day I received an email saying they received my CASPA. I also applied to Orlando and Jacksonville but I have yet to hear anything from them. I'm from Orlando, Florida so Orlando would be my top choice of the Novas.

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