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I am not sure what to do?

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I am just starting out in community college and my ultimate goal is to become a Physicians Assistant. I am 23 and I am planning to transfer to a 4 year college soon. I am thinking I should major in "Public Health" (not 100% sure, thoughts?).


My concern is that I will not get the clinical hands on experience I need to get into PA school. I could probably shadow a PA and volunteer all I want. I also work with medical records at the moment.


Does anyone have any suggestions for my course of action going forward? Perhaps maybe try to get a certificate over the summers to get a job that will provide hands on patient contact? If so, what would you suggest?


I am beyond excited to get this journey started.




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Firstly, its physician assistant (not physicians assistant). I would major in whatever you are interested in that will enable you to take most of the prerequisites for PA school (bio, chem, A&p, micro, etc). In order to get the hands-on experience you will likely need to get a certification. There are relatively short (ranging from a few weeks to a few months) certification programs to become a CNA or EMT-B which will allow you to get hands on experience needed to be a competitive applicant to PA school in the future.

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