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I got the call on Friday afternoon and then a confirming email today that I have been accepted to Seattle. I was on the wait list from an interview earlier last year, so Medex seems to be working off

I just received an invitation to interview for a seat in MEDEX Spokane Class # 18!!!! I literally dropped to the floor crying from pure joy and excitement. I can't even believe im writing this post.

I got the bad news in the mail yesterday. I live in Seattle, so I'm sure others in outlying areas will start receiving their letters in the coming days.   It's inevitably disappointing, as much as I

Hi I got the interview for seattle masters program. To Fisha or people who have already interviewed, What is the dress code for women and do we need to bring any documents on the day of interview? Thanks

Congrats on the interview invitation!


I found that most women wore suits, pants and skirts were evenly represented. I wore my hair up because that's how I am most comfortable, but if it looks professional you're good to go. Good luck!!



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Hey guys, I interviewed October 25th got the call the 28th, still thought it was a prank until i received the acceptance letter in the mail.... Can't wait to meet my new classmates


Good luck to you all....and like everyone said.. "BE YOURSELF" be honest and don't fake anything. It was a fun experience and they do an awesome job to calm your nerves.

@mastaremio, congratulations!! Did you interview for the Seattle site? If you did, and have been accepted into Class 48, send me a PM.



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I bought a suit… its black and I decided to go with "color" a gold/bronze shiny 3/4 sleeved top, with a green/black/gold vest to go over the top. I hope it is classy enough but not too over the top. I am going for conservative/professional. :) Its only 4 days away, I really cannot wait!

Any one else for Spokane the 16th?!

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I don't know how many spots they've filled but I think they've done the first round of interviews for all sites and are now beginning the second round. I read somewhere that for each interview conferences they invite 36-37 people. I hope that helps out some. Good luck!

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So... I've lost track of who is interviewing and when... But for those who have interviewed and are waiting for "the call" allow me to off up a bit of info that might help you keep your sanity:


IT TAKES MORE THAN ONE DAY TO MAKE ALL THE CALLS!!! I interviewed in Seattle 9/24 and they started making calls 9/30 (that I know of for sure) within 24 hours after a friend got the call I was convinced I didn't make the cut... 4 days later I got the call. So don't loose heart, don't loose your mind, and be patient. Try to pass the time and distract yourself that fateful ~10 day wait!


*also, you are not rejected until you get a letter! They do retain some applicants in the pool from earlier interviews all the way until the end of the cycle!!


**as an aside... I would highly encourage a get together the night before, it is extremely helpful having some familiar faces on interview day!!





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I believe that they finish all their campus specific interviews by mid January... Then they hold a final conference for any remaining spots either at the end of January or beginning of February.... Mind you, this is unofficial :-)



Thank you. I understand that they have changed how they do buisness over the last few years; I applied two years ago, interviewed but was not accepted.  I was in the last round of interviews, one big group that interviewed (masters and bachelor). I have not received a "you will not be invited to interview" letter so I continue clinging to hope. I have not called or emailed them because I know they are very busy.



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