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I wasn't able to find a thread about this so here it goes.


I just applied for the 2014 cycle and some of the school I have applied to have rolling admissions. So some will make their decisions now and others later this year.


If I were to get an offer for acceptance nowadays, would it be okay to accept it until I hear back from other schools? I know you have to make a decision within two weeks and I'm okay putting down a deposit. It's just that I know a lot of the school I applied to won't even make interview decisions until later this year and I would like to give myself options.


Is it okay to accept and then later decline? And is it okay to accept to multiple schools to give yourself some decision making time?





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That's not a problem. Schools are aware that very talented applicants will get multiple acceptances.


if you do choose to withdraw from an offer of acceptance, please let the school know as soon as possible. Doing so is a courtesy to both the school and the people on the wait list.

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It's ok. It's going to cost you some money though as each school will have you put a deposit down.


How much do these deposits typically cost? I need to make sure I can budget myself.

And at the risk of sounding stupid...What are "rolling admissions"?

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500-1200$ from what I've seen.

Rolling admissions means they review application as they come in. Basically you have a better chance of getting a interview the earlier you apply, first come first serve so to speak.

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Yes, it's definitely okay! You should take your first acceptance to guarantee that you'll be going to PA school because you don't know what the future will hold, right? Then, as you get more acceptances you can compare it to the first school you put a deposit on and decide if you want to put another deposit down and decline the first offer (that's what I did). It's a lot of money to waste on one deposit, but I considered it "insurance" and it was cheaper than re-applying and interviewing the following year in the event I declined my only offer and then wasn't accepted anywhere else. Once you do decide on the schools you're not attending let them know so that they may offer your spot to someone on the waitlist. I wouldn't plan on accepting all of your offers and then deciding at the end. I would accept the first offer then compare other offers to that first school as they come in to save yourself money and anxiety. It was hard enough for me to compare two schools over and over as offers came in. I can't imagine doing 4-5 at once!


Also, most schools give you 2-3 weeks to decide. When I applied I had 5 interviews in November and all of the schools let me know right away. So, I was able to have a couple of offers at once without missing the deadline for either school. Depending on how close your interviews are to each other you can wait a week or so to see if another offer comes in before deciding. (You don't need to send the check back the same day you get the offer -- they do give you some time!.


saldanamoreno: deposits usually cost $500-1000 and are non-refundable. Some schools allow refundable deposit up to a certain point (approx 1 month after sending it in). "Rolling admissions" means that students are accepted as interviews are conducted rather than interviewing everyone and deciding who gets in once all the interviews are over. With every interview session schools will accept candidates, waitlist candidates, and decline candidates until the class is full.

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The best 600 bucks I ever spent was on the deposit for the first school that accepted me. I knew I was going somewhere. I eventually went somewhere else.

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