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Under-qualified but got an interview

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First time, long time...


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I recently applied for a CT Surgery position at a prestigious hospital as a new grad and was granted an interview. I was very surprised that they were considering my application as I did not know whether they were considering new graduates. I have previous experience as a Cell-Saver tech in the OR prior to PA school and I have had a General Surgery rotation and a Cardiology rotation, but no CT surgery experience. I was under the impression that they were interviewing the masses for this position and that I was one of the lesser qualified and sought-after applicants.


However, today I was shocked to be contacted by the Lead CT Surgical PA (as opposed to an HR rep) to confirm my interview and informed that I would be reimbursed for up to $500 for my travel expenses and lodging to the city based on my proximity to the institution (which is an hour and a half away). I was also informed that the interview schedule would start at 8am and last until 5pm on that day. Suddenly, I feel that the accommodations and lengthy interview process could indicate that I am more than just a long-shot candidate for this opportunity.



-Am I over-valuing these accommodations and lengthy interview process in considering this a positive indicator of my perceived potential?

-What can I expect from a 9 hour interview process? (individual interviews, group interviews, case scenarios, imaging/EKG interpretation, patient interactions)


Any advice, comments, or encouragement would be greatly appreciated,



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For higher level, professional type positions (graduate level and above), these types of interviews are standard. They typically pay for whatever transportation and hotel you need, and then do a full day interview. Interview usually includes meeting with different people separately and together, as well as lunch (which is still part of the interview, btw - they are watching to see how you socialize with colleagues. Make a good impression here!). They typically also give a tour of the facility and show you exactly what you would be doing.


It definitely means you are not a long shot, but in most cases they interview 3-5 people in this same manner, so you are likely not definite either.


Do a good job, smile, ask questions, and most importantly make a good first impression.


I wish you luck!

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