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First Draft!!! Any comments & suggestions greatly appreciated!!!

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Hello everyone!!! This is my first draft/ revision. Any comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated!! Thank you again.





My great interest in health care began at an early age. My mother is a chiropractor and my grandfather was a college chemistry professor. Together, they created an environment filled with scientific and medical discussions in which health care topics were commonplace. My grandfather would always go into great detail to explain the chemical composition of just about everything, from flowers to food. He would often pull out plastic atomic models and construct chemical particles to demonstrate the structure of the atoms. This all seemed perfectly normal in our home.


In addition to my early fascination with science and health care, I was always an extremely active child involved in dance beginning at three years of age. I loved both the artistic side of dance and the physical movement including conditioning and working together as a team. This required a great deal of dedication from an early age, which helped to build discipline, quick learning and strong work habits. These skills transferred over into my education, because of the many similarities.


When I was fourteen years old, I began to develop severe pain in my ankle while performing in ballet class. I soon discovered that the small Os Trigonum bone became impinged when my ankle was fully extended. The only cure was to remove the bone. After careful research, we selected a surgeon from New York City. He did an excellent job of explaining the procedure and showing us on the x-ray how he would perform the surgery.


After graduating high school a year early, I got signed by a top talent agency in Hollywood and moved to California at the age of 17. I was excited to pursue a professional dance career. During this time, I fully enjoyed my experience in dance, but also realized how much I missed my exposure to health care and learning more about the human body. I also grew to realize my desire to complete a higher level of education and how important this would be for my future. After one year in California, I decided that my pursuit of a dance career would no longer be a top priority. This year was very helpful in giving me time to mature and think about my future. I became re-dedicated to obtaining a higher education and pursuit of a career in the medical profession. My years in dance helped to develop strong skills in time management, living a healthy lifestyle and striving to be better each day, which have carried over into my college coursework. I believe this will also carry over into my Physician Assistant schoolwork and later into my work career. In addition, my natural curiosity to learn and produce extraordinary results as a team member will be essential in Physician Assistant school and in the medical profession.


Shortly before my freshman year began, I attended a Cardiology appointment with my grandfather. During his appointment, a Physician Assistant saw him. This was my first encounter with the profession and the moment I knew this was my future. The Physician Assistant was extremely compassionate and knowledgeable. I admired the generous time she spent with my grandfather, not once rushing to get out of the door. I later shadowed this Physician Assistant, learning and growing more passionate about the profession. She took extra time to discuss the procedures and comfort the families about upcoming surgeries. Her confident knowledge shined through and provided a calming effect for the anxiety felt by the families. Watching her mannerisms made me look forward to the day I will be in a similar situation and be able to help patients get through difficult times. I believe I have a calling to be a part of a health care team and provide something bigger, more moving and more beautiful to people than I ever could through dance.


During my undergraduate years, I took classes in Chemistry and Organic Chemistry. I especially enjoyed these chemistry classes and felt that I had a natural ability to understand this complex material. My favorite class was biochemistry where I began to realize how many of these theories helped me better understand the molecular and chemical aspects of the human body. This discovery has further confirmed my passion for health care and my decision to become a Physician Assistant.


Through my dancing adventures, experiences with my chemist grandfather and volunteering in the emergency department in a children’s hospital I believe God has guided me to this point in my life. I eagerly wait the day I can walk into a patient’s room as a Physician Assistant and provided exceptional medical care along with a loving compassionate touch.

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