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Hi, just trying to clean house again...


I used the Kaplan PANCE QBANK for about a week for a quicky review before I took the actual thing. I wish I could have taken my time with it, but just wanted to get the real thing out of the way.








*I will send you my login information, once purchased.

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The questions are designed to make you think- so I thought it was challenging. There are around 1200 questions total and are divided up by topics covered on the PANCE.


Honestly, I liked it, but I just wanted access to practice questions before I took my boards. So I raced through the material. The questions have detailed answers so it was a good learning tool.


I have also tried the NCCPA's practice PANCE, which I paid $35 dollars for 125 questions. If you are looking for practice questions l, I do not recommend this source - I thought it was a waste of money and the questions seemed too easy. Also, it did not come with answers or tell you which ones you got wrong.


If you want free questions, I suggest look at old packets and take them. The more questions you do, the better prepared you will be for the actual thing.

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Hey MsWV,


I heard the NCCPA's practice was a rip off too since they don't give you the answers to the questions that you missed. If you don't mind me asking, how did you prepare for the PANCE? How many weeks of studying did you do? And what other resources did you use? Did you ever use PAeasy?



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Yes, I agree! nccpa questions r a rip off! don't waste ur $$! I heard PAeasy was horrible as well! I guess it depends on ur learning style & how much time/day or wk u can study. once ur working it is more difficult to study consistently vs the PANCE (imo). I'm using HIPPOPA & had already bought pance master ($55-great value!). As in studying for my PANCE I am also buying Kaplan QBank! they have great q's & breakdowns, time spent on each/q, if u changed ur answer (from correct to incorrect or incorrect to incorrect or incorrect to correct!). I'm taking 3 mos to study, my study-buddy from PA school is taking straight 2 wks! Good Luck! :smile:

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@bananapeppers: I studied for 2 weeks, probably 8-10 hours a day and then took the PANCE. The resources I used in particular were: UMDNJ Course (#1 PANCE Prep recommended course), the Kaplan PANCE Qbank online, and flashcards on most commons/buzzwords with each subject. I also used the NCCPA questions- and thought it was a waste of time and money for sure.

I have heard of PAEasy, but didn't want to study from too many resources.

The UMDNJ Course/ Emory Course/ other CME accredited courses like these are very good for BASIC information. Each is a very condensed course, which highlights important topics off the NCCPA blueprint topics that will be covered on the PANCE. These tools are not enough though, if you are weak in test taking skills- because the actual board questions are a lot harder.

That's why I really liked the Kaplan QBank questions online- they really did help me, and I studied the answer choices, which ended up helping me on the actual exam.

Also, it depends what version of the exam you get. It really is luck what kind of questions you get. Hope that helps!


@maniac: good luck on your test! you will do great! i heard about HIPPOPA, but I didn't have the patience for the video lectures- they were a little too animated for me, lol. Just keep doing questions- and even more questions until you get sick of it. That's the best advice I can give anyone. You can do all the courses you want, but you need to do challenging questions before the exam to be prepared.


Best of luck to you both!

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if anyone is still interested- selling a month study schedule i made for a few friends that needed a detailed study schedule to help them for the PANCE. it includes:


-flashcards on most commons on each subject

-packrats versions 10-16

-links to umdnj course

-emory course questions and pearls

-also have access to challenger course


*PM me for details on pricing

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