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I am contemplating on my last LOR. I have 2 from my professors (Bio and Gen Chem) but not sure who to ask for my last one.


I shadowed a ortho PA 2 times and will be shadowing a peds DO for 1 week straight.


The ortho PA did agree to write me a LOR if I needed one from him, but he told me to write it myself and he will edit it from there.

The DO is someone I know personally and I know that she will write me a "good" LOR.


I am personally leaning towards asking the DO since one, it will be a good one, and second, I dont have to write one myself.


Also, my first choice of school is in Texas and the DO is from that area. Since I will be applying as a out-of-state (which is a disadvantage for applying to that school), I thought getting a LOR from someone from that area will be a plus.


Any opinions??



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