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Chemistry Pre-reqs for PA program at Foothill or De Anza College?

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Has anyone gone over which chemistry classes that Foothill college (Los Altos, CA) offers are accepted to fulfill SMU's chem pre-reqs? Or De Anza's offerings?


I am currently enrolled in Chem 30A with plans to take 30B and possibly Chem 1A, but am wondering if I should instead look to take the 1 year Gen Chem sequence instead.


Thanks for your help!

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Introduction Chem at a CC sounds like it is proportional to secondary school science. It shouldn't be too hard on the off chance that you as of now had science once. I would take it and get it over with. custom paper writing service


Obviously, in the event that you have different things you need to do and don't think you will have room schedule-wise or eagerness to give the class the fitting measure of consideration, overlook it and have a decent time this late spring.

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