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I just found out today at lunch that I have an interview on October 9th!! Is anyone else interviewing that day?



CASPA Mailed - July 17th

Supplemental received - July 24th

Supplemental sent - July 26th

Application under review email - August 6th

Interview invitation - August 29th

Interview - October 9th

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Hi. How long after you sent in your supplemental did you get the 3 mystar emails? I sent in my supplemental more than a week ago and haven't gotten anything yet. Is it an automated system? Thanks!

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I submitted my supplemental in early June, and then received my mystar emails like 5 days later. I'm not sure if it's an automated system though. Hope this helps!

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Hey I have an interview OCT 9, any pointers from those that have already gone through UTMB interview process


Just be yourself! The interview was much more laid back than what I was expecting.. but it is better to be sharp than go in thinking you're going to 'wing it'! The staff was very friendly, and all of the other applicants were also very fun and inviting. Obviously, I don't know if the applicants you interview with are going to be the same, but overall the atmosphere was peaceful and encouraging! Be ready for situational questions! Not everyone will get asked them, but I got asked two from one faculty myself. Be professional, but show them you are passionate about being a PA and a caring, empathetic person! Research UTMB! They want to know that you know about their school and its history! They are super proud of it, and they want to accept students who are proud of it, too. Just a hint: Find the student handbook online and study the history of the school! They didn't necessarily ask me any questions about the school's history, but when I brought it up, I could tell they were very impressed and excited that I spent so much time learning about them!

You will do great! Good luck, and I hope to hear about some more acceptances! We will be classmates! :)

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I interviewed last Friday and got my acceptance email Monday! Super excited!


Congratulations bbailey, that's awesome! Would you mind sharing your stats?


I applied in mid August and my application went into review a few days ago. The wait is killing me!

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Congratulations to those who have been accepted! 


Does anyone know the timeframe between receiving the 'mystar' emails and the 'application in PA department for review' email?  I submitted everything July 30th, then received the 'mystar' emails the next day, but it's almost been 2 months and it sounds like the PA department doesn't even have it since I have not received any other communication.  Anyone else experience this?

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