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Does A+P fulfill General Bio requirement?

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Thanks in advance for the help--


Just wondering, I know a lot of schools require 8 credit hours of General Biology. I have 4 credit hours of Principles of Biology I (basically general bio I) and then additional credits of Micro, Genetics, etc. I also have 8 credits of Anatomy & Phys and am wondering if having 8 credits of A+P I and II would fulfill the remaining 4 credit hours of the "general biology" requirement.

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2 semesters for general biology typically refers to "General Biology I" (Cellular/Molecular) and "General Biology II": (biology of organisms). Most schools that require the 8 hours of general bio are referring to the pre-med requirement of a full-year course of general biology (I & II).


Here's how they spell it out on the Tufts University website:

[TABLE=class: telerik-reTable-4]

[TR=class: telerik-reTableEvenRow-4]

[TD=class: telerik-reTableFirstCol-4]General Biology

(I & II with lab)[/TD]

[TD=class: telerik-reTableLastCol-4, colspan: 2]2 semesters


  • each semester with lab
  • general or human biology for science majors
  • microbiology will not be accepted for this requirement




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