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Found 2 results

  1. hi all im a new grad about 3 months into my job at a family medicine/urgent care clinic I missed a diagnosis of cancer on a chest xray twice. we do our own in house xray imaging and if a patient is feeling SOB or has any warning signs we order and personally interpret an Xray in clinic. Monday of this week a patient came in to ask for a copy of his xray because he was now seeing a specialist for lung cancer they had caught in the ER about a month after a visit with me where I treated it as pneumonia and asked him to follow up if he saw no clinical improvement (documented this). SP looked at the xray and commented it was definitely debatable and I hadnt made a poor decision. Obviously I still felt terrible about this and have vowed to over analyze any abnormality seen on chest xray for as long as i live etc etc. I picked myself up and decided it was a growing pain and to learn from this. Thursday of the same week a different patient came in with a similar story, almost the exact same story. I had seen this patient my 16th day practicing as a PA and had noted an abnormality, began pneumonia treatment etc lost to follow up. However with this patient I did not document that I had asked him to follow up in order to cover my butt - needless to say my SP is now very unhappy and has decided he needs to review all chest xray I order. I understand I am new and fresh out of school and still have a lot to learn, but right now I just feel SO incompetent. Yes I noted abnormalities on the xray, but I treated poorly and now I cant stop thinking about the possibility of being sued for missing these things - i cant imagine having that on my record after only 3 months of working. Though it is kind of embarrassing, I am 100% on board with my SP reviewing all of my xrays as I do not want to harm any patients and I feel like I have done these two patients a horrible injustice. Any thoughts or words of encouragement/advice are appreciated.
  2. Hi, Through my experience of my week stay at a hospital (due to Lung Collapse, lung hemorrage, and now dealing with anemia) and my interactions and talks with nurses, PAs, medical technicians, etc. I wish to go into PA (physician assistant). However i am confused of the application process into becoming a Physician Assistant. I know it requires at least 2000 hours of Clinical Experience and one way to do that is to become a Radiologist Technician. But I am confused of this process as I have spoken to the Radiologist Technicians there and they only have a AS degree (in Radiological Sciences) I already have my AS degree in Biology and will be having my BS degree next year (Biology). Is there any programs I must take to become one? I find it rather strange that I would be graduating from a 4 year university only to take another 2 years to earn a degree in Radiology just to be a temporary Radiology Technician. Is there some way where I can undergo training right away since I am a pre-Med Biology major? I don't want to lose another 2 years to study for something that I couldve done (AS degree) just to work until 3000 hours and go for 2 more years into PA. This is what I think it seems the pathway to be (based off my life): AS (Bio- 2 years) --> BS (Bio- 3 years) --> AS (Radiology - 2 years) --> Clinical experience/work (3000hr/ 1-2 years) --> PA school (2 years) --> work as PA, done with school Normally it should be graduate with BS (4 years) --> Clinical Experience/work (1-2 years) --> PA school (2 years) --> work and done with school. Thank you
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