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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, I am the owner and medical director of an Independent Review Organization (IRO) in California looking for PA's that are looking for an exciting opportunity without the hassles of clinical practice. Today, we are a group of physicians who founded our own Medical Peer Review Company, contracting with about 200 physicians nationwide. We are based in Beverly Hills, CA and count many amongst the largest Worker's Compensation carriers amongst ourClients. Throughout 2011, we have encountered explosive growth and continue to hire full-time Physicians and PA's working with us in our Beverly Hills location. We provide paid training; it is not rocket science, but it is time sensitive and demanding medical work requiring medical knowledge and judgment. It is an amazing opportunity to stay in touch with clinical medicine. What I am looking for are people to review records, prepare clinical summaries, and use state specific guidelines to come to some conclusion about a specific request. Reimbursement will be on a per case basis. As you grow in experience, the number of cases you can do per day will grow accordingly. Our reimbursement schedule is set at the equivalent of $50 an hour; but once you are able to finish cases in less time, it might even work out to the equivalent of $100 an hour or more. Our Utilization Review Physician's average between 60.000 and 120.000 USD per year. What is important is that you would be available full-time. Most of the cases we work up have tight deadlines set by regulatory requirements and are due on the same day. We need to be able to rely upon you to turn a case in as soon as possible. This opportunity might pay your bills and provide a fascinating opportunity to work within the medical field. Again, licensure is not required. We are a young, dynamic, dedicated, friendly, and courteous team looking for team players. We provide best in class quality to our clients and the patients we provide services to, and we are looking for doctors who can identify with that. We are looking to hire immediately. For consideration, please send your questions and a brief CV to me at dr.karmali@starmds.com
  2. I am in a difficult bind. About 6 wks ago I woke up to wrist pain and wrist subluxation in which I am able to twist and relocate myself. No prior wrist problems. Ever since I have recurrent subluxations throughout the day and have trouble with supination and suturing, lifting, writing, injections, and even pressing the button for the cautery. I thought it would be temporary but its still the same 6 wks later even after Christmas break. I am still working but trying to rest it as much as possible. I have seen multiple orthos who are all perplexed, giving different diagnosis. The last one called it radio-ulnar joint laxity and inflammation which makes the most sense but he states he has never seen it in his 35 years of practice. He also said that, legally he felt this was most likely a workman's comp case because it started the day after I did a very long genital wart removal procedure using cautery and scissors. I didn't want to file wc and risk my doctor/pa relationship as well as hurting my potential for learning more procedures and surgeries (I've been working in derm for 1.5 yrs now). However, now I am worried that this problem may not get better or get worse. We are in the middle of contract re-negotiations as well. I am very worried as this could certainly be life changing in regards to career and health. Any advise and words of wisdom would be very appreciated.
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