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Found 3 results

  1. Hello! I am new to the forum. I have a question has anyone taken any of their prerequisites at UNE online? I need Organic Chemistry, Anatomy, Biochem, and Genetics. I am hoping to attend Wingate at Hendersonville in North Carolina. :-) I am excited to be apart of this group as I start my journey. I am an older student and would appreciate any advice. Thank you all!!
  2. Hey guys I've been accepted at Augsburg! Just wanted to connect with the future class!
  3. After doing a search of the forum I could not find any information on this particular topic. If it has already been discussed and I am simply missing it I apologize and would gladly appreciate a link to direct me to the discussion. Upon researching several program curriculums, I have noticed that each is different in terms of type of classes offered (perhaps just a different name) and credit hours (say 110hrs vs 145hrs). My question is whether or not this matters? I have interviewed at 2 schools. School A is a brand new program (Provisional Accreditation until March 2013)in the second year of operation. School B is well established and had a 100% PANCE pass rate of 1st time takers for their class of 2012. School A's curriculum seems to differ greatly from School B's in number of credit hours and various courses offered. I understand that in order to be granted provisional accreditation that standards set by the ARC-PA have to be met, but I am wondering if all programs have to teach the same academic courses (they just have different names) or can they just have similar classes and decide not to include specific topics. Sorry if this seems like a no brainer but School B offers several extra classes such as EKG reading and radiology as individual classes. Im just wondering if School A has just incorporated these topics into another course as opposed to offering them individually. Are there some schools that offer curriculums that exceed the standard requirements set by the ARC-PA? Sorry if this seems like a stupid question. In light of learning about some pa programs having their accreditation removed this year, I thought it would be safer to ask than worry. I greatly appreciate your thoughts and advice!
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