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Found 9 results

  1. Hello PA world! My name is Tara Pianko and I currently live in Seattle, Washington. I am desperately looking to find a PA to shadow or get some advice about becoming a PA. I am willing to travel near or far to gain such experience and would appreciate it more than you know! A little more about me - I am 26 and currently working with the FDA as an Investigator primarily focusing on cross-contamination risks that could affect public health through food and a variety of other commodities. I have always had the desire to work in a clinical environment and fell in love with the idea of the PA profession but would love to solidify this idea into fact. I graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelor's degree in Microbiology and graduated from Georgetown University with a Master's degree in Biohazardous Threat Agents (Bioterrorism) & Emerging Infectious Diseases. I have had about 200 hours of shadowing/experience in a hospital in Tanzania, which confirmed that I would love to work in a clinical environment with patients indefinitely. I would appreciate any assistance in gaining more shadowing experience or mentorship as I continue down the path in becoming a PA! Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this and Happy New Year! -Tara Pianko
  2. Asking for a friend -- Can anyone please comment on new grad salary for family medicine in WA state? A friend has gotten offers around 85K in rural WA. Seems pretty low. Their argument is that there is no state income tax but Nevada doesn't either and I've seen offers there that start in six figures.
  3. Just submitted my CASPA application! Now to work on the supplemental. Best of luck to everyone, can't wait to hear your updates.
  4. Is anyone interviewing for Heritage University's PA program in February? I don't see any other posts for this school or program so hopefully all of us can touch base here. =)
  5. Good evening everyone, I am looking to shadow PAs in any specialty in the MD/DC area. I am a teacher, but could shadow on weekends or nights. If anyone has any contacts or suggestions for how to find PAs to shadow, please let me know. Thank you!
  6. My SP of record (I work in a group practice with 9 MDs and 3 other PAs) is gone this week, and today I was designated to handle his incoming requests--FAX, emails, the works. No biggie, do it all the time, and we all cover for each other, PAs for MDs and vice versa. But today, I got two requests: 1) Hospice initiation orders for Ms. X., a very elderly lady who was seen two days ago and was discharged home to comfort care. in big bold letters, "MUST BE SIGNED BY AN MD--NO COVERING PROVIDERS" or some such language is all over the FAX cover sheet. Wasn't the first time I'd seen such language; I usually just shrug and throw that paperwork into the already-overworked doc-of-the-day's inbox. This time, though... 2) The statewide Electronic Death Reporting System notification that Ms. X (yes, that's the same Ms. X as above) had died yesterday at home and that her cause of death needed to be certified within 48 hours, before my SP returned. Now, as Washington State PAs already know, PAs can do that. I had actually gotten set up on the system well over a year ago, but never needed to use it until today. Turns out it's pretty straightforward, and there was nothing particularly confusing about what caused this patient's demise, so I just went ahead and did it. Ironic that I am authorized to legally state why a patient died (in cases where the county coroner has no interest in taking on investigative responsibility on him or herself, of course) but not to initiate hospice orders. Sad that hospice is a political football where PAs are pointlessly restricted from authorizing care.
  7. Hello MEDEX Tacoma applicants, I am a new member who applied to the Tacoma site and waiting to hear back (hopefully with an interview)! Has anyone else heard back yet? I know Tacoma is generally behind the rest in terms of interview dates. We can also share a little about ourselves here as we may be classmates in the near future. Good luck to everyone!
  8. I am in desperate need of clinical rotation sites in the seattle area. If anyone knows of any physicians or PAs willing to take a student for a 6 week rotation, please let me know. I am from Nova Southeastern University in FL and trying to finish my electives here in WA state. I can send my resume and any other information needed. Thanks, Hope
  9. Afternoon y’all! I decided to start a thread for those who specifically applied to the BCHS programs. As the early deadline has passed and the final deadline is rapidly approaching I just wanted to FIRST congratulate those who have applied! No more reading, re-reading, scrapping and rewriting narratives or statements… By now we all should be feeling the weight lifted off our shoulders from eagerly waiting on CASPA references to appear “completed”, GPAs being “verified” and the e-mail stating “Your application has been verified and will be mailed”! I know that some of the MCHS applicants have already received interview dates! How AWESOME! Hopefully we will be hearing soon as well! For those that have applied to one of the BCHS programs GOOD LUCK!
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