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Found 2 results

  1. Hello! Some background information: DFW area PA, 4 years of experience (3 in family medicine, 1 for GI) My initial contract was for 100k base salary. My contract is being reworked, and they are trying to add a bonus structure. I see currently around 15 patients per day. The new bonus structure is as follows: 3000 patients per year=$8000 yearly bonus 3500=$20,000 4000=$36,000 This seems great, but the problem is that my schedule is not that full. For the last year, I only saw 2000 patients. Basically, the bonus structure is unattainable with the amount of patients at my practice. Any advise for what is fair compensation? I think the base salary is low and initially by SP was not willing to increase that. So if I sign this, then I will be setting myself up to make base salary only, which seems low for specialty in a Dallas suburb. Any input is appreciated. I just don't know where to go from here. I love my job, my SP is fantastic and my office is amazing. I just want fair compensation. Thank you!
  2. I was wondering if I could get some advice from folks with EM experience on what is a fair request for an annual raise. I've been with my current company (hospital) for 1.5 years but was with the independent group that worked for that hospital for 1.5 years prior to this (essentially I've been in the same ED for 3 years, we got out by the hospital 1.5 years ago). I've never received or requested any pay increase in the 1.5 years I've been categorized as a hospital employee. We're purely hourly, no RVU bonuses. I was wondering what a typical annual raise would be for an ED PA, and plan on asking for 1.5 times that since I'm that far in to the next year. To give a little background I have the above experience along with about 6 mo of urgent care prior to this. I don't have my most recent numbers however with the little stats that I've received over the years-- I have some of the more lucrative charting/billing of my colleagues and shorter total length of stay and door to MD times. Any advice regarding the negotiation process and % increase to ask for and then settle on would be greatly appreciated!
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