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Found 6 results

  1. Hi everyone! I graduated this past December with my Bachelor's in Psychology, minor in Biology and applied to MUSC PA program and was waitlisted. I am looking to buff up my application for next cycle, and am playing around with a few ideas that I would love some personal and professional opinions on. Some background: My GPA was not very competitive as I did not know what I wanted to do/did not take school seriously for the first several years. I did take the PA-CAT and GRE and scored average on GRE but competitive on PA-CAT. I was a medical scribe in an ED for a little over two years and did have a management position for one of those years. I have worked full time throughout my undergrad career and therefore have not completed any volunteer hours thus far. Debates: I am considering going ahead and pursuing a MPH as I want to eventually obtain that degree anyway. The MPH program I am looking at is an accelerated 12 month program that does not allow students to work due to the educational commitment but would fit into my timeline for reapplying. They also offer 18 month (allows PT work) tracks as well as the typical 2-3 years with the stipulation that the degree is completed within 5 years of starting. If I choose a track other than the 12 month, I would have to take a sabbatical to complete PA school if admitted this next cycle. However, I also have a job offer as a FT remote scribe for a Telehealth company (I had to move out of state suddenly and am currently unemployed). This job is a 9-5 M-F position that would allow me to volunteer regularly. My question for you all is what should I do?? I would love to choose the path that would make my re-application to PA school more competitive, and am wondering what would be considered more of a valuable experience. I have heard pros and cons for both, such as the work experience giving "real world" experience, but I feel I already have that with scribing and having to work FT for the last 8 years. I also heard some opinions that completing the MPH prior to PA school gave students a leg up on PA coursework and they felt more prepared. I would love to go ahead and do the 12 month accelerated program to just knock this degree out and am thankfully in a position financially where that would be doable for me. OR should I just take the standard MPH track and work FT while volunteering here and there? I know this is a lot- I'm definitely overwhelmed! Any and all advice/experience is welcomed and appreciated
  2. Hello. As of today I have only applied to one PA school program (Rutgers) but unfortunately I got denied. I decided not to apply to any other schools this cycle as I have not started my senior year yet and am missing some of the prerequisite courses for many programs. I am currently working as a Medical Scribe and have been doing this for about one year now with about 750 hours. I also volunteered at a food pantry but only completed about 50 hours doing so. My science GPA is 3.32 and my cumulative GPA of 3.62. I am planning to complete my senior year and continue working to build up more hours and reapply next cycle with a stronger application but I am worried that my experience as a scribe may not be enough. Do you think I should search for something else to do other than scribing to expand my resume? I won’t have much time to do so during the school year as I will be busy with school work and working about twice a week so I might have to quit my current job if I do so. I am scribing a PA in family medicine and am scared to leave as I feel this is a very good experience and what I want to do in the future.
  3. I’ve already been gathering my PCE/HCE by volunteering as an EMT, working as a Scribe, and working as a DSP at a home for people with head injuries. So, volunteering at an animal shelter would simply just be my “giving back to the community” addition to my application. I love animals so this would be really satisfying for me to do in my spare time, when I’m not working with humans lol. Would schools look at this at all, or is it just a waste of my time that I should be spending working at a soup kitchen or something? I understand that a soup kitchen would probably be better and I plan on doing something like that once covid is over but for now my friend is starting up her own animal shelter and I would love for this to count for my application and make me look better to schools.
  4. Hi everyone, Im a sophomore in college, about to be a junior. I started off in a CC. I’m currently taking a chemistry class that combines OCHEM, biological, and general chem. It is TOUGH! I’m wondering if i’ll make it to PA school. I’m volunteering at a hospital now but have not been going in the last couple of weeks due to having to be at work at 4 am and being completely exhausted after. I am feeling like I don’t have enough time to catch up on volunteering or shadowing. Does anyone have any tips for volunteering and finding someone to shadow? Stories of you also feeling this way? Thanks all, Sienna.
  5. I have a quick question as CASPA approaches, I volunteered sporadically at big organizations throughout my undergrad so I was never given an actual supervisor for this volunteer experiences. What should I put down for CASPA then? Like for instance, I volunteered with my friends every December with Operation Christmas Child where we would just sign up online for a time slot and show up and volunteer. I do not have a supervisor name though so I am unsure how to report this...
  6. Hi all How do we go about logging volunteerhours? do we estimate them or do we need to keep a record of all our volunteer positions? Most of my volunteer work is small-time stuff scattered here and there but often enough. A fundraiser here a feeding the homeless here. I don't want the experiences to come off as forced just to get hours though. So how do we log volunteer hours on applications? Thanks!
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