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Found 32 results

  1. Hi all How do we go about logging volunteerhours? do we estimate them or do we need to keep a record of all our volunteer positions? Most of my volunteer work is small-time stuff scattered here and there but often enough. A fundraiser here a feeding the homeless here. I don't want the experiences to come off as forced just to get hours though. So how do we log volunteer hours on applications? Thanks!
  2. I'm looking to shadow a PA in Northeast Ohio that would be willing to also write me a recommendation afterwards. I'm feeling like I'm between a rock and a hard place because my CAPSA is verified, but I have been having the hardest time with this requirement. I applied to shadow through the local hospital and have not gotten a response and they don't allow you to reach out to the PAs personally. I know what a PA does, i've been seeing PAs since I was 15. This is just the technicality I need to complete. Help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance
  3. Hi Guys, I am a Pre-PA student and now an Ambassador for a non-profit called Building Bridges of Hope. LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS FOR MEDICAL MISSION TRIP August 11th-18th. NO MEDICAL BACKGROUND NECESSARY I am leading a trip to the Elisa Pina Province, Dominican Republic for a medical mission trip. We will be in the most medically underserved area of the DR. In this trip, we will spend a week in El Llano where we spend most of our days helping in mobile medical clinics and other days helping in the communities where needed. The clinics will take place in very remote villages in mountains along the border of Haiti. The patients that we see are Dominican and sometimes Haitian that have walked many miles to receive care for themselves or their children. We have a station set up to assess the children for malnutrition. We then give out 1000 calorie peanut butter packets, fortified rice, and vitamins in accordance to their need. Others will be assisting the doctor(s) and nurse(s) with whatever is needed which includes taking vitals, passing out medications, and more. The doctor will be holding consultations with the patients. For the community aspect, we spend one day in the preschool the nonprofit made to help lower the malnutrition in the area, where most affected are preschool age because they are left at home alone while their parents are working. My last trip helped at a preschool and painted, other groups have built bunk beds for a family or help elsewhere in the community. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, OR WANT MORE INFORMATION- or know someone that is interested, I have a few more spots open on my trip. email me at emd007@aquinas.edu or text me 989-309-0011 bbohdr.org (non-profits website) Thanks! Erin
  4. Hi all! I am really struggling narrowing down the list of schools I want to apply to. I have already weeded out those that don't offer a masters, those where I do not fit the pre-requisites, and those that are too rural. I am not picky on location, but I would like to be somewhere suburban or urban. I also would like to be somewhere that the clinical rotations are not a very far drive (I am having trouble figuring this out because it is not explicitly listed on most schools' websites). I am mostly struggling to eliminate schools because I am worried about not getting in. I graduate this semester from a great school and will be applying as soon as the application is released. I am most concerned with my limited shadowing hours and limited service to under-represented populations. Here are my stats for applications: 3.63 GPA, Physiology major that has taken many upper-level biology courses, only alarming grades are C+ in Organic Chem 2 LAB and Gen Chem 2 LAB (My last 64 hour GPA is higher), only 18 shadowing hours (going to get 8 more hopefully before application), probably about 200 community service hrs (haven't fully calculated), 3-5 strong letters of rec lined up, 150 Verbal GRE, 157 Quant, 4.5 Writing, and roughly 3,000 clinical hours before matriculation. I am extremely worried about getting in, and this is making it difficult to narrow my options. I would like to apply to schools that I think I have a realistic chance of getting into. The following are the schools I am interested in. Does anyone have any advice on narrowing down my search? I have over 60 schools listed that I would consider applying for, but the following are my favorites: University of Utah, University of Colorado, Arcadia University, Rush University, Mercer University, Butler, LSU, Augsburg University, PCOM, DeSales University, Penn State, UT San Antonio, Elon, MCPHS, Emory, UT Southwestern, Baylor and Eastern Virginia Medical. Please please please any help or advice is welcome! I am so stressed!!
  5. Hey everyone, The first half of the interview cycle for 2017-2018 is winding down, and I'm wondering how I can make myself a more competitive applicant during the next CASPA cycle on the off chance that I don't get accepted anywhere this year. I've already met the pre-reqs for my schools of interest, but I'm not sure whether or not I should continue to take additional upper division science courses or simply focus on acquiring more HCE and volunteer experience. Currently, I have 3.98 GPA, a 4.0 science GPA, an MA in Cultural Anthropology, 600+ volunteer hours (many of which were overseas), and approximately 2300 HCE hours as an EMT. I've been waitlisted at 1 school and have yet to receive any additional interviews (most likely due to the fact that I didn't submit my apps until the end of August/mid-September). During the next semester, I could enroll in O Chem II and Developmental Psych while working 36-48 hours per week and volunteering occasionally, however, this course of action would require that I take out additional student loans. On the other hand, I could simply acquire more HCE hours and volunteer at free clinics in my area. Any thoughts on which course of action would look better to PA school adcoms? Thanks in advance for any and all advice!
  6. Hello everyone, I was hoping someone could shed some light on my situation. I am currently a paramedic, and have over 10,000 HCE. I was working as a firefighter recruit in the academy and unfortunately got injured twice. I was forced to resign and started working as a paramedic again. I love medicine and I have been working on my undergrad for the past 1.5 years. Currently a senior and all of my prereqs are finished (sgpa 3.7). I have an upward trend in my GPA, which was initially terrible (had bad GPA about 8 years ago when I was going through family issues and wasn't focused in school). I also am starting a pre pa club at my university, and will have a couple hundred hours of Volunteer work. My question is, If I apply to schools that allow me to apply pending my undergrad degree, how does CASPA calculate my GPA, considering I am not completely done and there are some missing credits which could potentially raise my cGPA. Thanks !!
  7. I have two questions if anyone might be able to help me. 1) I used the Professional Transcript Entry and I was just wondering what the turn around time is usually for it? I applied to a school whose deadline is November (I know, I know, I'm almost late for this but this is my first application cycle, I have a lot of money saved, and I just wanted to try and see. It's my alma mater for undergrad and I would hate myself for not even trying to get in.) and I'm only about halfway through the 10 business days for the transcripts to be verified. I'm wondering if it's likely to be done before October so it would have the 4 weeks to get to the school if the verification does take all 4 weeks. Does it always take 10 days? 2) I have officially submitted my application so I know I can't update any of my already submitted experiences but I was wondering about experiences I was going to add. I just began volunteering at a new place. A few of my schools require a certain number of volunteer hours and even though I have met them already, they are fragmented and all over the place and confusing. Now that I am finished studying for the GRE, taking prerequisite classes, etc, I wanted a solid and steady volunteer position to continue until I get into PA school. Ideally I would like to meet the minimum requirements with this one position before I submit to the rest of my schools but I know that may not happen. If I add the volunteer experience, will I be able to update the hours as I go as I did before I submitted or do I have to overestimate the hours or something (I really don't want to do that) because I won't be able to edit it. Basically after all this rambling I'm wondering if I can edit my new experiences or if they will be locked like the others. Thank you!
  8. For applicants with many hours of volunteer experience(500+, even in the thousands...) what types of experience do you have and how many years did it take to gain that many hours?
  9. Hi, I am a psychology student in my first year. After shadowing my aunt and her PAs, I have decided to pursue a career in that. I looked at a couple programs including USC's, Loma Linda's, Davis', Western Uni's, Northeastern's, and Cornell's. I'm aware that shadowing doesn't count for many of these programs (but it does in loma linda where my aunt works at their hospital). My mom works as a caregiver at an assisted living. Could I get my patient care hours there working as one? I have also started finding volunteer opportunities at hospitals and retirement homes nearby,
  10. Aloha! The path to becoming a PA is a little more challenging on such a small island :) If anyone can point me in the right direction of finding PA shadowing opportunities, volunteering opportunities, or ways to gain more HCE, I would so appreciate it!
  11. Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone has gotten interviews or gotten accepted with Survey classes as pre-reqs? I took Survey of Organic chemistry and survey of biochemistry, and I am only looking to apply to schools that don't require them at all, or require either/or (GWU, Northeastern, MCPHS, UF, possibly others). I am planning on taking a gap year or 2 to get patient care hours, but I just wanted to see if anyone else had any luck with those classes!
  12. Hey guys, I'm new to this forum so hopefully I'm posting in the right place...I had a few questions that I would really like some insight on. I'm currently working on my undergrad and will be 22 years old this year. I spent 4 years at a community college and didn't do that well for multiple reasons: joined the Army Reserves and left multiple times for trainings, wasn't entirely focused.. etc. Consequently, my first few semesters consisted of a lot of D's and F's. About halfway through my time there I took an EMT class. I became an EMT shortly after that and absolutely loved it (and still do). From that point on I revived mainly A's, a few B's and one C for the next 4 semesters which was about 65ish credits. These consisted of several science courses. Total at this school I would say was somewhere around 110 credits. I finished this school with a 3.29 GPA according to my transcript, however when I calculated it it was 3.10 . Anyways, in the beginning it was around 1.2, so I worked extremely hard to pull it up. Around my last few semesters here I really tossed around the idea of going into medicine. I had always wanted to be a doctor since I was young, so I took about a year to narrow in on one specific career. Alas, the idea of becoming a PA was born lol. Medicine is my passion and making it a career was a no brainer. Anyways, I started at a university in Fall of 2015 to obtain my bachelor degree. As a result of the past, I thoroughly understand the need for a strong GPA. In my first semester I did ok, 3 A's but unfortunately a C and a D, both in science classes. Reasoning for this: I had just moved across the US right as the semester begin, and then moved two more times within the state during this semester. I also have a chronic illness that is well managed now, however, I found out that I was severely deficient (levels around 100) in vitamin B12 (unknown until about Dec 2015...) which robbed me of much of my energy. Not placing any blame, but just trying to explain why I received the grades I did since it is uncharacteristic. GPA for this semester was 2.67. Half way through my second semester here and I am receiving all A's in my 6 science classes. I am doing a Biomed degree, so the coursework is rough. But on the bright side I have a lot of science classes left to help pull my GPA up. So I calculated my cumulative GPA from the community college plus my GPA for my first two semesters at the university, and it is about 3.1. My projected GPA for graduation is 3.25.. that is close to the highest I could even get it by receiving mostly A's with accounting for the occasional B, possibly 3.3 or 3.4 if everything is an A, but with about 70 more science heavy courses, that's it's a stretch. A little about myself... I have been an EMT for two years and in the Army Reserves for 4.5. I am in good standing with both of those jobs. I took an international medical volunteer trip (would prefer not to name countries for confidentiality) in January 2016, will be taking another in May of 2016 and another in January 2017. I enjoy these trips so much, and I plan to make them a part of the rest of my life. As in, I am not doing these just to help my application, I LOVE helping these people, and with or without PA school, I would be doing them. I have also shadowed a few times but am planning on doing more. So... hopefully that's enough info. Any input would be great. I would love honest opinions on how you feel this will effect my application to PA school, if you were reviewing my application. I have spoken to a few advisors, as well as a PA who sits on the application board, and they all feel I'm a very good fit for the profession. However, I'm just not sure how I look on paper. I plan on applying to PA school in May of 2017, and will take my GRE this year. Any suggestions, comments, questions are welcome. :)
  13. Hello all, I am a prospective PA student, and was just wondering if any of you have come across this kind of hypothetical situation and how it has played out: You're in some kind of public place when you hear a commotion and realize someone had a medical emergency, and people are saying "Is there a doctor here?" You identify yourself as a PA saying you can help. I'm almost imagining, in a comical sense, a scenario like "I'm a PA, I can help, what happened?" "You're a what? What's that?" And someone else walks up and says "I'm red cross first aid certified." "Oh ok great, you're first aid certified, OK you help." Do you feel that the public is educated enough about PAs and what they do, or do you still have to explain to people, and how do you see the trend moving forward (and why)? Thanks!
  14. I have been volunteering at a hospital for over a year now and whenever I am assigned to the Orthopedic area, I am allowed to work closely with the PAs for 4 hours. I get to watch them perform the procedures (casting, x-rays, sutures, reductions), ask them questions as they work on the patients, and look at the x-rays with them. Would this be considered as shadowing or volunteering on the CASPA application? Thank you!
  15. I'm changing career, and I've read people listing their experience as a dance instructor on their application, and that makes sense. I have very little HCE as I've only been able to volunteer at a hospice for little under a year as a full-time student, and don't think I'll go over 500 hours. However, I have helped out my family run the gym for over 7 years (my mom's a gymnastic coach and dance instructor). Can I even list that? I'm guessing that the fact that I'm not the instructor and just an assistant (helping stretches, righting postures and handstands, bringing ice packs) doesn't help. Not to mention this is a family business, so it doesn't sound professional at all. Should I even mention this on a future application?
  16. I'm a new graduate and have been seeking Family Medicine positions in California. 2 weeks ago, I interviewed at an amazing place in SF bay area. It offers 100K and is a 7 minute commute from home! The interviewer said I shouldn't have to worry, that they liked me and thought I'd fit in well. He even gave me his personal phone number in case I needed to call. At the time, I felt really good about the interview. I emailed him a thank you letter 5 days ago and he replied back he enjoyed my visit and that I "should hear back soon". However, I still haven't heard anything and am starting to get 2nd thoughts.If they gave you their number, do they expect us to call/text them? I don't really want to bother him again if he already told me he said I'd hear back "soon". I recently did another interview in a very remote area in CA and received a job offer immediately afterward. It offers 95K, good benefits and loan repayment. They are willing to wait another 2 weeks for me to make a final decision, but did warn me that the position may be filled by then- so the earlier the better. So my dilemma is, how long should I wait to hear back from the bay area clinic? I am scared to sign the contract and then find out that the bay area place will offer me the position later on. But then again, maybe they found someone else. Any advice?
  17. Just looking to get some ideas on different ways I can volunteer and what people have done in the past or currently for the volunteer/health care experience requirements?! What makes an individual stand out?
  18. Hello, I am a Canadian living in the United States on an athletic work visa. This basically means the only job I can have is to play that sport; other than that, I can only volunteer. I have always wanted to work in the medical field, but sports has kept that as a 'plan B'. After a lot of research I decided that I want to work towards getting into PA school while still working for my team. The major problem I am having is that I cannot get proper hands-on healthcare experience because I am not yet a permanent resident. I understand for many schools this hands on experience is mandatory (80-2000 hours). I am currently volunteering several times a week at a hospital as a patient courier, I am a volunteer at a hospice, I am a volunteer at the Red Cross, I shadow a PA weekly, and I volunteer at many 'walk for the cure' events. However, I am worried that this volunteering is not QUALITY healthcare experience. Can anyone offer any ideas for me ? A volunteer opportunity that will provide great HCE that will also fulfill these requirements? At the moment this is what I have been thinking about doing .. -becoming an EMT and get HCE through the Red Cross -finding an opportunity to go oversees to provide care in less fortunate counties (any ideas on quality organizations to get in touch with?) PLEASE HELP THanks!!!!!!
  19. Just sent my application and wanted to know what everyone is using to study for entrance exam? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Does anyone know what type of volunteer work is acceptable for pre-clinical hours? I am not a paramedic, EMT, nurse etc. I am finishing my PhD in gerontology and my pre-requisits, but I still need pre-clinical experience. Any advice? I'm applying to Texas PA schools if that makes a difference. I would be so grateful for any words of wisdom :)
  21. See here: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25091873 It is sad and disturbing that ER providers still haven't caught on that people die everyday from opioid overdoses. Contributing to the addiction is bad medicine. So, what is the problem with telling them no? Are we afraid of receiving bad patient satisfaction scores? Are we shy and don't like the confrontational aspect of telling a patient that they can't have hydromorphone or hydrocodone despite seeing that they were here for the same thing three months in a row? I know most on this forum that work in EM are sensible and aren't part of the problem. BUT how do we help fix it? Have you ever had to have a discussion with other providers that you work with regarding their overuse of opioids in patients that don't need them? I don't want people to risk their friendship and professional relationship with other providers, but I think something needs to be said. In EM I see providers that act all "tough" and talk about how pain management providers are nothing but a "pill mill" and then they go right along doing the same thing in the EM setting. Opioids have their uses in the ER, but seeing it trend UP for headaches is not a good thing IMO.
  22. So I have a question, I have worked in medical for 11 years now, but only as clerical support. I've checked in, registered, and helped patients with their visits at their time of arrival. Departments range from ER, Day Surgery, Outpatient Radiology, Pain and Spine, Physical Therapy, Wound Care Center, Labor and Delivery, Inpatient Admission, GI Lab, and even a Pediatricians office. Only problem is they are not considered Clinical experience. I have shadowed PA's already and plan on doing extensive volunteer work, but as far as volunteer work goes I'm limited with patient care see it as I don't have a certification. I've looked at schools that don't "require" clinical experience, but do you think that the chances are pretty fair to get in to PA school without having that "clinical" patient contact, rather than just clerical. Thanks for all the feedback!
  23. So for bit of time, I worked (for free) at a pediatrician's office primarily doing triage. Basically performing and recording data for height, weight, blood pressure, and temperature then leading the patients to their respective rooms. My question is do I list this position as "volunteer medical assistant" or something else? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the US Department of Labor "Medical assistants often take medical histories and record vital signs of patients" so that seems fine there. But the Bureau also says "Most medical assistants have postsecondary education such as a certificate. Others enter the occupation with a high school diploma and learn through on-the-job training." While I did learn on the job, I don't won't to seem dishonest in saying that I was an MA of any sort because I have no official schooling or certification. Any ideas on how I should properly list myself? Thanks.
  24. I have volunteered in different places and different amount of hours along with experience through school organization. I am in medical careers club and AED member where we would volunteer at habitat for humanity, downtown rescue mission, life south blood donation, making crafts and visiting children at the hosptial, community services such as street festival or relay for life, fundraisers, focus first and so many more. Now my question is how would I include this on caspa? Would I have to list each of the volunteer separately? Also, how would I differentiate between hce and community service done under the school organization? Would I just list all health care experience from the club as one volunteer and other volunteer or community events as one under community service? Thanks In advance for the help!
  25. Future classmates, I'm exicted to be a part of LLU's PA program, and I was curious to see who else got accepted and will be joining the class of 2016. The acceptance letter states that the class starts Monday, Sept. 22nd, so it will be a while until we begin the program. I hope to get to know you guys and girls a lot better, so please feel free to share your thoughts.
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