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Found 7 results

  1. I have a quick question as CASPA approaches, I volunteered sporadically at big organizations throughout my undergrad so I was never given an actual supervisor for this volunteer experiences. What should I put down for CASPA then? Like for instance, I volunteered with my friends every December with Operation Christmas Child where we would just sign up online for a time slot and show up and volunteer. I do not have a supervisor name though so I am unsure how to report this...
  2. Hello everyone, I was wondering if the ranking of the PA school you go to matters. US News has a ranking of PA schools - does anyone know whether this ranking system is a true reflection of the quality of education of the schools? Or of the quality of job offers you'd get after graduation? Thank you!
  3. I'm 38. Wet to college on and off for many years due to personal and family issues (two surgeries of my own, taking care of a very sick family member for ten years and having to work two jobs to support my parents, among other things). I also have lots of withdrawals in my history and one "F" in Physics, which I retook. I've always dreamt of becoming a physician, but due to my blemished academic history, it is obvious I'll never be accepted. I'm OK with this, and am now trying to decide among the following programs: 1) Bachelor of Nursing 2) Physician Assistant 3) Nurse Anesthetist I am three classes away from graduating with a B.A. in Liberal Arts. This can be easily accomplished by the end of 2014. My GPA lies somewhere between 2.8 and 3.0. Here are my questions: 1) Should I graduate with a Bachelor's in Liberal Arts and then go for one of the degrees listed above? Or should try to get into nursing school now, before I graduate with my Bachelor's? I am afraid I will not qualify for financial aid for a second Bachelor's if I graduate now. 2) If I were lucky enough to get in, would I still be able to work? I am in a loosely-related healthcare field, and do three 13-hour shifts per week. 3) How long would this process take? I am trying to figure out what is the most realistic, cost-effective and efficient way to do it. I've always known I belonged in healthcare, and by now I am certain this is not going to change. I am poor, but healthy, unmarried, no children, bright and more than willing to go the extra mile. Any advice would be appreciated!
  4. Hi Everyone, I have recently become interested in the Physician Assistant career. Here is some information about me. I have a BS in Biochemistry, minor in Psychology 3.78 GPA, higher science GPA (maybe 3.9). I graduated in 2007 and since that time I have been involved in research at a University and at the National Institutes of Health as a Research Assistant and Clinical Research Recruiter. I was also just offered a position as a Research Coordinator at the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Thus, my experience has mostly been research and my interactions with subjects/patients has been research based not clinical. I am interested in getting some clinical experience and working toward my clinical hours for PA school (some schools require 1000-2000 hours). I do not have any EMT or CNA certifications at this time. I also need a steady income to support myself. I was thinking of taking the Research Coordinator position and doing some volunteering at a clinic for underserved populations in my area in the evenings and weekend. Do you think this would count as direct patient care hours? In addition, what are some jobs that one can obtain patient care hours with out a certification as a CNA/EMT? In addition, I think the Ambulance is volunteer in my community. Does that mean that I can become an EMT for free? Are volunteer EMTs volunteering after their job? Please let me know if you have any thoughts, etc. I would greatly appreciate any help. I am also very interested in the PA/MPH dual degree. Are there any experiences that you think could help one get into a degree like that? In addition, I am interested in the National Health Service Corps Scholarship and if you know anything about that I am greatly interested as well. Thank you for all your help. Veronica
  5. Hello everyone, I am new here. I am 28 years old and moving to Chicago area in the fall. I am in the middle of changing my career. I have a bachelors degree in aeronautical engineering with a GPA of 3.84 and a masters degree in math education with a GPA of 3.88. I taught middle school/high school math (pre-algebra to pre-calculus) for three years, but I want to give PA schools a shot now and I think I would really enjoy it because working in the medical field is what I have always wanted. I haven't taken the GRE yet, but I have read some review books (Princeton Review, Kaplan...) and found it fairly easy. So I am not worried about it at this moment. The community college in the area has a decent program for pre-med and pre-PA students. All the pre-reqs will be covered upon the completion of the program. The only concern I have is the clinical experience which I don't have any. I am wondering, as a non-traditional student, how I can get this experience, even if it's all volunteering work. I know the community colleges have excellent career counselors. Will they help me with this? I am planning on having certain amount of clinical experience hours while I finish the pre-reqs. I know there are a lot of pre-PA/PA students as well as professional PAs here in this forum. I would really like to hear from all of you. Thank you in advance!
  6. Hey guys, I was just wondering where (if anywhere) in CASPA I would put my experience as a Biology Lab Teaching Assistant. The only place I could think that would be appropriate would be volunteer experience. While I did not receive compensation for my semester of work, I was enrolled in a 1-credit course in which I received a grade (A) for my effort. Just wanted to see what thoughts you all had on this! Thanks!
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