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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everyone, I have been following this forum for a little over a month now and have obtained some very insightful information! However, I have yet to find the answers to a few of my questions. I came across the military thread but felt like my post would be more appropriate for the Pre-PA section. A little background information before I begin asking my questions, I will be transitioning out of the military in may of this year, I have already been accepted to the number one school on my list for my undergrad in exercise science. I have obtained some college credits throughout my milit
  2. Maverick87


    Hey all. Figured I'd post this since there are so many people messaging me and creating threads on the military HPSP (which appears to be no longer available to PAs). It appears that the VA is also creating an HPSP program that will be available to PAs and will begin to receive applications in January of 2016. Here's an excerpt from the VA website: In all honesty, I would say that this scholarship program is actually better than the military scholarship program for most people, especially if you have a family and are not prior enlisted, due to the lack of deployments and de
  3. This last semester I wrote a thesis discussing the downward trend of veteran enrollment into PA schools (down to 4% of matriculants in the 2012 cycle), and some of the barriers faced by veterans getting into PA school. My professor had just completed a fellowship in DC working in Senator Blumenthal's office (who sits on the Senate Veteran Affairs committee). She liked my paper and presentation. So much so that I am slated to discuss my paper with Senator Blumenthal's staff in June. While this is a great opportunity, I don't believe in giving a presentation like this without offering solu
  4. I am a non-degree seeking post-bacc pre-PA student. In May, I completed the last prerequisites for my wish list of PA programs. Their prereq's were not extensive, their lists ended with Organic Chemistry I. I scored an A in O-chem I, I'm particularly proud of that grade. Should I continue to take more science courses, such as Organic Chemistry II? What do PA programs look for specifically on transcripts of post-bacc students? I contacted the admissions departments of the programs. They both verbally stated in general terms any courses additional to the prereq's are not needed and don
  5. After many twists and turns in my life, I understand now why I want to be a physicians assistant. Many years ago while going to college majoring in animation, I began to feel that the road I was on wasn’t the right one. While studying I began working at a nursing home and made the realization that, in working with my patients, I wanted to be able to do more. I wanted to be able to help others in a more profound way, which left a lasting memory in their hearts. After leaving college abruptly, I joined the Navy in the pursuit of a more developed career in medicine. After graduating from
  6. How many Veterans out there have or plan on applying to PA school this cycle (2011/2012)?
  7. We're trying to get an idea as to how many veterans in general are applying to PA school this cycle. Please take a second and go to this thread to vote! http://www.physicianassistantforum.com/forums/showthread.php/33183-Poll-For-All-Veterans! Thanks for your time!
  8. Like most veteran benefits (GI Bill, VA loans, Health care) information about health care coverage from the VA is very vague and typically you're stuck gathering all the details yourself. I served 6 yrs from 2001-2007 and just last week found out that the VA will provide you coverage for 5 years AFTER you were discharged (and 180 days of dental coverage). For those of us that exited the military without any OBVIOUS health issues (or issues we failed to recognize or admit at the time) you can get FREE treatment from the VA for medical issues related to your service. The KICKER to this whole dea
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