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Found 5 results

  1. Hello! I'm a semi-new grad PA-C who has been on the job hunt in my state for the past few months. There's a local FT vaccine clinic opportunity for APPs that I'm interested in applying to, but the post doesn't have a lot of details on what the responsibilities of the PA-C would be. Other similar job openings have a range of different tasks listed, with some being as simple as just administering vaccines, while others have the PA provide necessary patient education, monitor patients, etc. I could also see the PA being utilized to help direct care should adverse reactions occur, etc., but I have
  2. I find this troubling. I had this sense close to the beginning in mid-December, as I watched people without direct patient care posting selfies of their vaccine cards, that something might not be quite right. My hospital seemed to be doing the right thing, but then today I heard about vaccinations going to staff who are 100% telework and without other qualifying demographics. Just working for a healthcare institution does not justify a healthy young person without increased risk receiving this vaccine ahead of the elderly and high risk. I know for a fact that the nursing homes in my area haven
  3. Please cite proof that a vaccine has ever saved a single life?
  4. First of all, I’d like to thank Rev Ronin for his thoughtful piece in the Feb 2020 issue of JAAPA about religious objections to vaccination (https://journals.lww.com/jaapa/Fulltext/2020/02000/Addressing_religious_objections_to_vaccination.10.aspx ), which gives three scenarios in which patients (or their parents) show vaccine hesitancy or refusal. I appreciate that the issue was acknowledged and taken seriously and that appropriate references were included. At no time did I feel like the author’s theoretical patients were caricatured or that his advice to medical practitioners was based on s
  5. I've recently been accepted into a program (yay!) and now there's some immunizations and paperwork to get done. Tdap, meningococcal, and flu for immunizations. And MMR, varicella, and Hep B for titer lab reports to show immunity. I've just recently passed the age limit to stay on my parents health insurance and so was curious of any cheap ways to get these done for an uninsured person. Do you recommend community health clinics or just bite the bullet and go to a place like walmart/walgreens? Thanks for any feedback. *I'm in California if that makes any difference
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