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Found 15 results

  1. Hi All, I am currently a PA who is in a fellowship for epidemiology which is about to end and I am trying to move back closer to Nevada where my family lives (we have a baby boy, now, and really want him to have grandparents around). I was wondering if anyone who lives in Las Vegas/Reno or SLC can share their thoughts on the job market, practice environment, and salaries in NV vs. UT? I have a strong background in public health and epidemiology/research, but I am thinking I might switch back to medicine for a while for the pay (my parents don't have enough money saved for retirement
  2. Hi All! Wanted to start a thread for those of us interviewing on the 28th. I'll be flying in from Oregon on Sunday and would love to meet up if anyone local has any ideas? So excited to meet you all!
  3. Hello all! I figured I'd fire up a thread for Utah students attending the St. George campus this coming spring (2018). Congrats to all- I'm super excited to meet everyone! Feel free to drop a line and introduce yourself. A little on me- I work full-time in residential treatment and part-time as an Orderly in surgery. I also play music and love the southern Utah landscape. I currently live in SLC but can't wait to be a part of the St. George class. Also I welcome any recommendations or leads on living situations since I'll be moving in late April/early May... any ideal areas to live?
  4. Resale CME4LIFE PANCE/PANRE Board Review 16 DVD Set!!! Includes: Dermatology Infectious Disease Musculoskeletal Psychiatry Reproductive and Genitourinary Radiology EKG Intrepretation Bugs and Drugs Pharmacology Gastrointestinal/Nutritional Hematology Neurology Cardiology Pulmonary EENT Endocr
  5. Annual wellness exam. Getting old so occasional ectopic beat (isolated about every 6-8 weeks apart I'd guess) noted on pulse check w/o run of tachyarrhythmia over past couple of months. FH of AF with parents and younger brother. EKG done (this provider even does them if asx. for the $$$ only I suspect). Nurse comes in to tell me that it's ok and that we're done. "Uh, I don't think it was normal. There's a new LAD and LAHB but at least I know it's there now." Saw EKG on computer display and not on paper. For those who are new to the profession a quick EKG tip. If lead I is positive, le
  6. Hello, friends. Has anybody heard about this? I ran across this startling post on indeed.com, and I was wondering if it was legit, if anybody had heard anything about this program, knew the people in charge, etc. It is something I'm very interested in, if anybody knows anything. Thanks again for all of your help and wise words. Made it through didactic year, and I'm charging full speed into clinical year! "Description Position for Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jollas Trauma PA Residency Program, beginning in 2015. This position is posted for those applicants that are curre
  7. Hey there, sorry if this is something that has been overdone, but I've canvased the internet looking for what a day in the life of the military PA looks like and I can't find anything. I was wondering if I could get a synopsis of what it would be like for someone after they graduate from a PA program to join and work in the military, whatever branch that may be. Working hours? Location? Where do you live? What are your responsibilities outside of seeing patients? Pay? Benefits? Pros? Cons? Thanks
  8. I'm good at managing my time, but everyone of us could be better. I have a handful of months to kill before PA school so I thought why not read something about time management. Anyone have recommendations?
  9. I am supposed to start PA school in May and just received notification that the school has been placed on Probation. How serious is that? The email assured me that I would complete the training from an accredited program but I am wondering if the program will be respected. I don't want the spend all that time and money and then not be able to get the position I want because the program is not considered a good quality one. Thoughts?
  10. hello, I'm currently doing my rotation in the ER right now, definitely somewhere I can see myself working (plus they hire a lot of new grads from my school). A PA I was working with told me one of the MDs told him he can come in on his day off to work with anesthesiology to practice intubation skills. That's something I have always wanted to learn how to do (beyond what we learned in ACLS). As students were you guys able to practice that skill or is that more learned on the job. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.. thanks
  11. Im a new PA and I was wondering if anyone has a favorite book for pharmacology? I have all the good Phone Apps, but I wanted to do more general reading. I tend to use the CMDT for pharm reference. I don't Like my text from school as it is excessively detailed. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
  12. I am trying to get rotations in the Seattle area and in Utah for the summer. Haven't had much success so far. Anybody know of any willing preceptors? Thanks!
  13. Hey all you PAs in Utah! I am currently in my clinical year at Eastern Virginia Medical School and will be in Utah from Dec. 12-Jan. 15. I am looking for a clinical site durring that time. I have a week scheduled off for the holidays, so I should be able to work with any of your holiday plans. I am a student in good standing and have the necessary immunizations and national certifications to work in the majority, if not all, hospitals or clinics. My background is in Respiratory Therapy. I will be in northern Utah between SLC and Ogden, so any place in that area will be great. Please respond to
  14. I dont know how this process has been for others, but for me it has been an unsuccessful, disappointing, discouraging process. Unfortunately for me, I have narrowed my search to the Salt Lake City, UT area. My husband and I are moving there when I graduate in December - we want to live in the mountains and do it while we are young. I have applied to several jobs that I have seen posted on Utah specific job boards (hospital boards, utah assoc of pa board, ETC, but to NO AVAIL. Not even a phone call much less an interview. does UAB have a bad rep or something? What am I doing wrong... I ca
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