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Found 10 results

  1. Hi everyone, I know this is a sensitive topic but I need sincere input to see whether anyone has actually declined USC admission for other local schools such as Western University or Loma Linda. I have read many posts about choosing the cheapest schools but living in such a competitive job market like Orange County, I feel like USC name can help us finding a better job, is it true? I know USC has the best PA program in Southern CA but its tuition is almost double that of other schools and is 6-9 months longer. Since I am married with one kid and paying mortgage, my future disposable incom
  2. what pa program are you in and what's your profile like? I am still an undergrad student and I would want to be (extra) well-prepared for PA school. I have looked at multiple uni's programs, but since I'm in california, I'd like to stay local. I was looking at usc's. anybody in usc's program? gpa? GRE score? HRE? curious. thank you.
  3. Hi there! For those who are applying to USC, did you self report your test scores on CASPA? I called their office and the lady told me I just needed to send my official GRE results to CASPA. I was asking her if I needed to self report but I have a feeling she didn't understand my question completely. Will all the schools that I am applying to, including those that do not require the GRE, see my self reported scores? It is a bit on the low end, so I rather not have them see it. Thanks!
  4. Hey all! Thought I would start a thread so we can get to know each other a bit! I just got an email for an interview, Sep 6. Has anyone else heard back yet? Good luck to everyone!
  5. Hi, I am an undergraduate senior at UCLA and plan on applying to PA school in the near future. I would love to shadow a PA in Westwood, Beverly Hills, San Fernando Valley or surrounding areas! Please let me know if you know of any opportunities! Thank you! -Sarah H.
  6. The sound of gunshots was a regular occurrence in my neighborhood growing up and learning to ignore them became common practice. I was never startled until one afternoon when the shots fired came from the house next door. As I rushed to look over the balcony, I saw my neighbor lying in his driveway with a gunshot wound to the head. While the most natural reaction for a child might have been to turn away, I found myself more concerned than shocked or frightened, I wanted to help, I wanted to “fix” him. Naively, I asked my Aunt if there was anything we could do to save him, her reply was simple
  7. Hi All, I just wanted to hear from current/past USC graduates to comment on USC's PA program. Specifically, what made you chose USC over other schools? What's the advantage/benefit of attending this school? And, what were some things you weren't too pleased about? Thank you! :=D:
  8. Im worried about paying for tuition as i will be attending. tuition is roughly 45k i barely make any money now (10k a year maybe before taxes!) and i wont be working when i start school. My parent wont be helping with anything so its just me. Anyone know how much fafsa can give and how much in loans i can expect to be getting? curious what others have received and techniques for paying for PA school. If i did get loans i would obviously like loans where i dont have to pay interest while in school. Thanks in advance!!
  9. I've done some searching on the forum, but I couldn't quite find what I was looking for. I'm interested in hearing from PAs or others who may know how USC PA students do in clinical rotations. I'm from the Midwest and I often hear of physicians or PAs who notice a significant difference in students from different programs, or even how well prepared PA students are in comparison to med students. Thank you.
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