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Found 6 results

  1. Hello all! I figured I'd fire up a thread for Utah students attending the St. George campus this coming spring (2018). Congrats to all- I'm super excited to meet everyone! Feel free to drop a line and introduce yourself. A little on me- I work full-time in residential treatment and part-time as an Orderly in surgery. I also play music and love the southern Utah landscape. I currently live in SLC but can't wait to be a part of the St. George class. Also I welcome any recommendations or leads on living situations since I'll be moving in late April/early May... any ideal areas to live? Friends or relatives with rooms to rent? Again, congrats to everyone!
  2. Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone can share their experiences at the UPAP program? I was accepted to the program, and I am torn on where to go, as the other program I was accepted to is also a good one. Pros? Cons? Wishes? Things you love, things you don't love so much? Anything helps :) Happy holidays! A
  3. Hello, friends. Has anybody heard about this? I ran across this startling post on indeed.com, and I was wondering if it was legit, if anybody had heard anything about this program, knew the people in charge, etc. It is something I'm very interested in, if anybody knows anything. Thanks again for all of your help and wise words. Made it through didactic year, and I'm charging full speed into clinical year! "Description Position for Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jollas Trauma PA Residency Program, beginning in 2015. This position is posted for those applicants that are currently accepted into our program. Qualifications Required Education/ Experience/Specialized Skills: Position for Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jollas Trauma PA Residency Program beginning in 2015. This position is posted for those applicants that are currently accepted into our program. Requirements are in accordance with the Trauma PA Residency Handbook. Accepted applicants must be graduates of an accredited PA Training program in accordance with ARC-PA and have passed the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants NCCPA certification examination. Application process must be completed with the California Medical Board and credentialing required with Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla. Bachelors degree required."
  4. Which residency, if any ultimately lead to a quick salary increase? How much of a pay increase can one expect? Which Specialty in your opinion is the highest pay after doing a residency? Over time....every year how much of a pay increase can one expect per year? I have read so many articles on the internet....however, can't seem to come to a good consensus. All of your comments are all very appreciative.
  5. I have searched the forums regarding my question, however I mostly come up with people asking about what type of jobs count towards HCE/PCE. My question is a little different from what I have seen during my search. I have experience as an EMT and as a Paramedic, and I am currently a firefighter/paramedic (mostly assigned to an ambulance). I work 24 hours on and 48 hours off in a busy 911 system. I am years away from completing my pre-reqs, but I am curious how HCE/PCE is calculated when I go to apply for schools. Do I count all 24 hours for each shift towards experience hours? I ask because I am obviously not with a patient for the entire shift. Some days I might only see 1 or 2 patients and other days I could see 15. Thanks for any clarification you can send my way.
  6. This is the final copy and is ready to be placed in my application. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! My decision to become a physician assistant stems from personal interests and experiences that have shaped who I am. As a child, I was fascinated by nature and spent hours watching National Geographic programs or reading books about psychology or equine anatomy. But it was my mother’s breast cancer diagnosis that became the catalyst for my interest in health and medicine. I was eager to learn as much as I could about preventative and alternative medicine in an attempt to avoid the suffering I watched my mother endure. My mother lost her battle with cancer after my sixteenth birthday. It was a time in my life when I had to make important decisions about my future and I felt lost without my mother’s encouragement. In college, I decided to major in Health Information Management because I wanted to work in the healthcare field, but as graduation grew near, I was unhappy with my decision. I enjoyed my anatomy & physiology, pathophysiology, and medical terminology courses and briefly considered persuing a degree in the medical field. However, I was advised to get a job. After graduation, I worked as a Medicare auditor. After seven years, the job was no longer providing continuing education or growth opportunities. Restless and ready for change, I moved to Seattle, Washington with the hopes of following my heart and starting a new life. My new job as a senior healthcare consultant was challenging and provided the opportunity to continuously learn. Each project required hours of research and collaboration with senior leaders in preparation for the execution of the project. I was the lead senior on the project team and considered a subject matter expert. The team traveled to hospitals all over the country and collaborated with management from various clinical departments. During downtime, I participated in the office community service committee. We planned a variety of events to raise money for charity and encourage coworkers to provide service to the community. Turning thirty marked a period of reflection and transition in my life. The stress and pressure of constant travel and deadlines began to take its toll and, once again, I felt unsatisfied with the work I had chosen. It was time to gather up the courage and make the decision to start over. I was determined to find a fulfilling career that fit my personality, skills, and values. My experience in the healthcare field created an even stronger interest in medicine and the need to work with people on a more personal level. This is why I chose to pursue a career as a physician assistant. I want to work directly with patients and provide education on preventative medicine; to make decisions autonomously and in collaboration with physicians and other members of the healthcare team. To gain experience in direct patient care, I shadowed a Dermatology physician assistant, became an Emergency Department volunteer, and work as an OB/GYN nursing assistant. Through my shadowing experience, I saw first hand how the physician assistant works independently with patients and consults the supervising physician when difficult cases or new patients are presented. This experience opened the door to the profession and I am confident that I have made the right decision to pursue this exciting career. Volunteering in the Emergency Department has exposed me to patients from all ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. I am responsible for fulfilling a patient’s emotional needs by providing warm blankets and beverages or conversing with a patient who is bored or scared. My role as a nursing assistant allows me to interact directly with patients and provides multiple learning opportunities. It has shown me how collaboration and communication are an essential element of effective patient care, and has exposed me to clinical decision making and the inner workings of modern medicine. Looking back, I can now see how the path I chose was a journey that provided opportunity for personal growth. Ultimately, this journey led to the discovery of a career I am passionate about. A career that fulfills the needs of physicians and the community, as well as my own. One where I can utilize my inherent strengths and acquired skills to diagnose, treat, and educate patients in family practice or women’s health. I enjoy being a nursing assistant and a volunteer, but I am hungry for more. I want to learn the language of medicine and build on the knowledge and experience I have obtained so that I can continue to provide patient care in a compassionate manner. I am confident that my prior experience has prepared me to successfully achieve this goal and hope that I will be granted the opportunity to pursue my dream through acceptance into your program.
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