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Found 4 results

  1. Hi Everyone! I was wondering if anyone had thoughts about this: I'm currently pursuing an undergrad degree. Actually, I'm transferring to a school to finish my degree and I'm trying to figure out what I should major in. I would like to eventually become a PA but some of the schools I'm considering don't have pre-professional programs. I'm particularly interested in Loyola University Chicago. I've read that sometimes it's even more desirable to get a degree thats not a pre-professsional one, because it shows you have interests and strengths in other disciplines that can still be used in a
  2. Hey fellow PA students, I am starting a program in the fall and I have been trying to prepare myself the best I can for the tremendous work load. I have a pretty relaxed job so during my shift I spend most of my time doing questions on PAeasy, most of which I do not know the answer but I read the explanation and then I read the AccessMedicine online material that comes with it and that provides a tremendous amount of information. My issue is that my HCE did not provide me with a ton of pharmacology interaction and was wondering if there is any recommended reference that I could use to re
  3. Hey everyone, am about to get out of high school, am just wonder what major I should do am stuck between athletic training and exercise science / kinesiology ? i have medical experience am working as medical assisstant in allergy and immunology office and I have worked as physical therapist aide.
  4. I've been looking at a lot of the stats threads on here and a lot of applicants seem to have HCE, mainly working as a nurse or EMT previous to applying. I've seen a few that were accepted right out of graduation, which is my plan. I plan to apply a year from now and HOPEFULLY get admitted to the class of 2014. Since I'm still finishing my undergrad, I still have more time to volunteer and shadow and whatnot. But so far, I have 500+ hours of paid volunteering at a convalescent hospital and some volunteer work with homeless children in San Diego. I am shadowing 2-3 PA's with different specia
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