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Found 4 results

  1. Hi Everyone! I was wondering if anyone had thoughts about this: I'm currently pursuing an undergrad degree. Actually, I'm transferring to a school to finish my degree and I'm trying to figure out what I should major in. I would like to eventually become a PA but some of the schools I'm considering don't have pre-professional programs. I'm particularly interested in Loyola University Chicago. I've read that sometimes it's even more desirable to get a degree thats not a pre-professsional one, because it shows you have interests and strengths in other disciplines that can still be used in a medical setting. My go-to is psychology because it's something I've been interested in awhile. However, I was looking into Loyolas requirements for their forensic science degree because thats also something thats interested me longer than psychology. I feel like it seems a little random if my end goal is to apply to PA schools, but it seems like a lot of the courses I'd be taking (and have already taken) for this degree could be related to and useful when I do go through PA school. For instance: human osteology, biostats, genetics, cell physiology, chem (gen, org and inorg), physics, calc, forensic toxicology etc.. https://lucweb.luc.edu/advsmt/index.cfm#Program My point is that some of these classes cross over into requirements for some of the PA programs I've looked into but also, I feel like this kind of degree would be more useful for myself in the event that I decided to take time off before applying to PA schools or if I (for whatever reason) decided to change my career track, I'd still have a degree that would be applicable to a profession that I'm interested in. Of course, psychology is also another safer option but forensic science would at least have more classes that would eventually help me while pursuing a PA degree. Any thoughts on this? Is there anyone out there that has a degree in Forensic Science and can give some insight? Sorry for the lengthy post, I'd just really like to know if I'm on a good track here or if there are major holes in my plan that I'm overlooking!! Thanks!
  2. Hey fellow PA students, I am starting a program in the fall and I have been trying to prepare myself the best I can for the tremendous work load. I have a pretty relaxed job so during my shift I spend most of my time doing questions on PAeasy, most of which I do not know the answer but I read the explanation and then I read the AccessMedicine online material that comes with it and that provides a tremendous amount of information. My issue is that my HCE did not provide me with a ton of pharmacology interaction and was wondering if there is any recommended reference that I could use to really break down drugs. For example, I want to make notecards that say Antibiotics and then list when they should be used and the most common antibiotics, from there each antibiotic gets their own card. I know a lot of current and graduated PA students say not to study and enjoy your free time over the summer, but I am only doing this at work so any input is GREATLY appreciated. PS I have read that paeasy is not a reliable website, but each answer is in fact backed up by accessmedicine articles that are up to date so I am torn as to what I should read and study and what not to.
  3. Hey everyone, am about to get out of high school, am just wonder what major I should do am stuck between athletic training and exercise science / kinesiology ? i have medical experience am working as medical assisstant in allergy and immunology office and I have worked as physical therapist aide.
  4. I've been looking at a lot of the stats threads on here and a lot of applicants seem to have HCE, mainly working as a nurse or EMT previous to applying. I've seen a few that were accepted right out of graduation, which is my plan. I plan to apply a year from now and HOPEFULLY get admitted to the class of 2014. Since I'm still finishing my undergrad, I still have more time to volunteer and shadow and whatnot. But so far, I have 500+ hours of paid volunteering at a convalescent hospital and some volunteer work with homeless children in San Diego. I am shadowing 2-3 PA's with different specialties this summer. Also, I have already started training to become a CNA, and will be certified in about 2 months. I don't have a stellar GPA, but it has been on an upward trend. I am a California resident. So, what I'm trying to get at here is are there certain programs that are more lenient towards students who are applying right out of their undergrad? Also, any other advice to give would be great! More volunteer work? More shadowing? Working as a CNA? Is paid volunteering better than non-paid voluteering? Thank you!!!! :=D:
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