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Found 19 results

  1. Does anyone know how long it usually takes for Professional Transcript Entry to be completed? I paid for the service before finding out that it might be more time saving to do it yourself. I submitted my CASPA on 5/16 and now I'm just an anxious ball of energy waiting for them to enter my courses.
  2. I just had all of my transcripts uploaded by CASPA. And, I’ve approved them, but do I have to match the prerequisites to the programs or will CASPA do that for me if I opt out? Thx
  3. Hi, all! I was just wondering if anyone could tell me how long it took CASPA to verify their transcripts? I sent mine in about a week and a half ago and they now both say "arrived" on my application but I am confused on to how long it takes for them to be verified. I have submitted my applications to a few schools, so will those not go through until my actual transcripts are verified? Or does the application as a whole now get verified? Thanks so much!
  4. Wondering if anyone else had the unique experience and am in bit of a pickle? So I'm trying to input my grades from my undergrad for CASPA but my issue is that for my senior year of undergrad my school switched from a quarter system to semester system. Now trying to put this in CASPA it only lets me put in one or the other. I've ordered and received my official transcripts for clarity but it doesn't specify or put them under one umbrella. I want to just copy word for word what it says on my transcripts and leave it be but what if I'm wrong and need to convert to semester? I've contacted CASPA directly and told me to convert the units??? What does that mean?? They also told me to call my school. I called my school and they had no idea what I was talking about, I got transferred to an answering machine. I think this is a pretty unique situation. I was considering professional transcript entry to just get it over with but I don't want any mistakes on it. Especially in this kind of situation. Thoughts? Should I just copy everything exactly it says on my transcripts?
  5. Hello All, I'm sorry if this has been asked before but I looked around and couldn't find an answer to my question: how do admissions view multiple W's on transcript? Obviously it's not favorable, but how bad is it? Background: I'm almost 30 and got my B.A. at 21 from a CC + Uni. At the time, I dropped a few classes I found boring, too time consuming, too difficult, etc. I didn't think much of it as I was able to successfully complete my degree. Fast forward to today, I'm more than 1/2-way done with my pre-reqs for PA school. I had to drop Anatomy last year (taken at local CC) because I got the flu and I missed over 2 weeks of class. However, I retook this class this year, same prof, and got an A. Problem: I'm currently enrolled in Physiology at same CC which is taught in semesters. However, I will not be able to make the application cycle this time around because I still have Microbiology to take and at least 2 other classes. I want to drop my current physiology class and take it in an accredited but accelerated program where I will have the chance (for a much higher tuition) to take multiple classes in the next several months. Should I do it? My current physio class, although interesting, won't end until end of May. Teacher is highly demanding, very poor at lecture, and absolutely condescending and absent during labs. He's also harsh on grading, doesn't curve/round and doesn't offer any extra credit.
  6. Hello, So I submitted my CASPA application early July but my evaluations and transcripts are taking longer than expected to be received. My last evaluation is having some issues uploading the file and the last college I am waiting for to send in my transcripts sent them in last Tuesday but they still have not been received(I even ordered a rush transcript request from that school and paid for it). My first deadline isn't till Sept 1 but I know it is better to send in your application earlier to receive an earlier interview date even if admissions are not rolling. I am really stressed out and feel pretty helpless at this point. Any advice? Thanks!
  7. Has anyone done the professional transcript entry? I have all of my transcripts uploaded to CASPA, but I'm not sure how the process works if I wanted to purchase the professional transcript entry. Specifically, when do I purchase it? After I submit or before? Thank you.
  8. Hello ! I had a question concerning the degree verification on the CASPA application. I am graduating with my bachelors next week and will be walking in the ceremony. The semester has ended and I am for sure getting my degree. However, my university states that it can take up to 4-6 weeks in order for the degree to be awarded on official transcripts. I have talked to CASPA and they said that they cannot verify that the degree has been awarded if it isn't on the transcript. Should I submit my application fairly early and have my degree still be in progress on my application? Or do I wait until Late June/Early July, just for my degree be awarded on my application? Most of the programs I am applying to just state that they want you to have a bachelors degree prior to matriculation but I know it looks better to have it awarded already when applying. What do you all think? What would be the best route to go? Thank you in advance !!
  9. I have been invited to Interview on 26th Oct 2016. Email from Duke said to bring along sealed official transcripts. I have no problem getting local schools here to mail me or DUKE, sealed transcripts. But I have a foreign degree too, I do not know if it would be possible for my school to mail a sealed transcript to Duke on time or at all. There is no online portal to order another set of transcripts etc. But I do have a WES evaluation done on my transcript and degree. Does anybody know if I can take just WES evaluation report of degree and coursework which I can get in a sealed fashion? Also I can bring along my Original transcripts from school. But they are not sealed.
  10. This question is for second time appliers,,, Does caspa renew/rebuild your profile based on transcripts from last year? So could I just not send in that bad summer grades from a local community college? I should never have reached out for it, I didn't know it was so bad, I remembered having a great time that summer
  11. Hey there, I'm a 2nd year PA student from Georgia looking to do rotations in Southern NH. Specifically, peds, OB/GYN, and behavioral. If anyone has contacts or knows hospitals that accepts PA student please let me know :) Thank you in advance!
  12. Hey everyone, I have a question about transferring credits from two different schools. I'm applying for PA School at the moment and when I first went to school I didn't do so hot. My GPA was a 3.0 but I have like 6 withdrawals and 4 C's. I stopped going to school, worked for two years aka got my life together and then went back to school. Now I'm graduating with a 3.8. Would it be considered academic dishonesty if I didn't submit the first school's transcripts? I don't need any of those credits, do I have to submit the credits? All types of feed back would be helpful, thank you!
  13. Congratulations to those who have been accepted to Pcom! I made a Facebook group for our class. The name is "Pcom Pa class of 2017! Cant wait to meet you all!
  14. I apply April of 2015 to about 7 different school. Wish me luck! I have several questions that I'm not finding the answers to so please help. 1. Can I create a Caspa account NOW and start working on it? 2. Generally how long does it take for transcripts from school to arrive at caspa? More specifically how soon should I ask for them to be transferred? 3. I had my CNA license but it expired four years ago. Should I re certify just to have it on my application or is there somewhere that I can write "previously certified"? 4. I graduate from the University of Arizona in early May of 2015, the 15th I believe. Is it worth it to wait for my last semester of grades and apply in mid May vs mid April? Or should I just apply as soon as the application opens and send my last semesters transcripts as soon as they're available? Thank you!!
  15. Ikaruga

    Multiple Campuses

    I have one degree, but some classes on another campus. When I list the schools, what should I put for degree status each school campus? Also, if the grades for both campuses are on one transcript, do I need still need to request two transcripts from each campus?
  16. I spent 4 hours this morning shadowing a PA in a Medical Home. The experience was unique and excellent. In this Medical Home not only are there physicians and PAs (no NPs) but there are full-time social workers, a nutritionist, a psychiatrist (4 hours a week), and a full-time pharmacist. The PA I was shadowing shared an office with one of the Social Workers and they collaborated on nearly every patient. When the Social Worker had a patient who clearly needed a psychopharm there was no delay in getting the medication ordered and filled. When there was a need for an Rx for talk therapy there was similarly no delay. The nutritionist was regularly talking to patients with new-onset DM and HTN. Even the pharmacist (who was not working in a pharmacy) was well engaged in managing patients with multiple conditions requiring polypharmacy. This stands apart from my previous experiences of a solo provider or a small group of similarly trained clinicians. I was impressed with the holistic nature of the medicine being practiced and have high hopes for the Medical Home model.
  17. 1. People say that our life experiences shape who we are and I could not agree more. When I started college at the age of 17 in Minsk, Belarus pursuing a career of a lawyer, I could have never imagined that several years later I would be in Chicago thinking about getting in to the medical field. Four years ago when I started my job as an EEG Technician I was not completely sure what to expect walking through the hospital doors. I had completed two clinical rotations before I got my first job at Evanston Hospital, but I feel that no matter how many clinicals you do or how much time you spend shadowing, it hardly ever prepares you for caring for patients on your own. After following each and every technician in the lab eventually I started developing my own way of communicating and interacting with my patients. I learned that every patient is an individual with their unique concerns; and that they need to be treated with respect, understanding, and care.When my patients want to talk I listen. When I feel that my patient is not the garrulous kind I stay quiet. The most important thing I learned is that people who visit the hospital are often in discomfort, feel scared or unsure, and it is my job as healthcare provider to make them feel like they have me on their side. 2. While working in the hospital I had a chance to work in collaboration with many wonderful people. On any given day I work closely with physicians, nurses, and physician assistants(PAs) from the neurology department.On surgical days I do intraoperative monitoring for neuro, orthopedic and vascular surgeons who are often assisted by PAs. Shortly after I got into the field I realized I wanted to further my education and while I started working on my BA in Biology and knew I wanted to stay in the medical field, I was not sure about the direction I should take. I knew I did not have the resources and time to commit to becoming a doctor, and was not completely convinced I wanted to go into nursing.The desire to become a PA, however, did not come overnight. Over the years I had many instances that just kept reassuring me that choosing a career as a PA is the right thing for me, and that is the perfect compromise between a physician and a nurse. 3. I vividly remember one patient, who had a huge impact on my decision making process. He was a 20 year old young man,who had a crash while riding his motorcycle with no helmet. The accident was very bad, and even though he survived the crash, he was intubated and unresponsive in the intensive care unit (ICU). I was called to do an EEG on him. I see many sick people, but there are some patients who just change your life, and stay with you in your memory for a long time. I could never forget his parents calling out his name and asking him to open his eyes and get up. I was looking at the EEG and knew that it did not predict a good outcome, but I wasnot allowed to say anything. Over the course of many weeks I did multiple EEG's on this young guy, but things did not change. I became friendly with his parents and brothers, who spent countless hours by his bedside, came to know their history. Despite the collaborative effect of doctors, PAs and nurses, the boy stayed in persistent vegetative state. I wished I could change something, but it was not in my power. When the family decided to transfer their son and brother to a long term care facility, I knew that even though I could not give them their boy back, I provided them with genuine care and mental support. Since then I realized that there was something more I wanted to do and a career of a PA seemed perfect. 4. I believe I know many aspects of a career of a PA. I work with PAs: I have seen PA's working with patients on the floor, I have seen them assist in surgeries which I find as one of the most exciting aspectsof this career. I like the idea that while there is a certain degree of independence when diagnosing and treating patients, there is also always a collaborative teamwork with doctors and nurses. In many instances PA is a connecting bridge between a doctor and a nurse, and a doctor and a patient, due to busy character of a physicians work. I truly believe that in many cases a PA spends more time with a patient, whether initially interviewing for reasons of being admitted, providing care and answering questions during an inpatient stay, or providing discharge instruction and following up when patients go home. I am sure that with the qualities I have such as excellent work ethic, compassion, orientation to detail, and strong orientation to teamwork I would become an excellent PA. I know I cannot help everybody, but I can certainly try my best. And even if I make somebody smile at their hardest and darkest times while being a patient and coping with illness I am doing good. And that makes me happy. THANK YOU FOR ANY FEEDBACK!
  18. I am freaking out a bit. CASPA apparently reviewed my application today but I got a notice saying that one of my transcripts came through blank!!! So now my status is undelivered! Not complete/unverified, just undelivered. Does this mean that I will lose out on 9/1 applications because it is no longer considered complete? I plan to contact CASPA and the schools tomorrow but I am nervous now. on the CASPA FAQs it says that it will not change the original submitted date, but will change the completion date. Does anyone have any prior experience with this? Thanks!:sweat:
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