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Found 15 results

  1. Hey everyone! I was recently accepted into a program for fall of 2020. BIOCHEM was not a prerequisite, but I have been currently retaking the class in case I had to re apply. My acceptance is conditional based on having an up to date physical and that is It (I already submitted the physical). My question is, is It worth finishing up this class strong? Or should I stop putting effort into the class and relax until my program starts? I’m not sure what to do & don’t want to waste time studying if I do not have to! Thanks !!
  2. Hi !! I am hoping to get into Touro's PA program in Henderson, Nevada - has anyone applied or gotten in? I would love any information on the interview process, stats and if you received an interview, were accepted or denied or anything at all you can offer!
  3. I've been looking for information on the Bayshore campus applications. Wondering if anyone has heard from them yet, been offered an interview or accepted. All I've gotten is that they are still reviewing applications.
  4. Hi! I am a soon-to-be grad and I just received an ED offer. I'd like to hear your thoughts. $65/hour base pay (128h/month min) with RVU additionally up to $20/hour. 1.5x base on holidays. 401k with 5% match. Partial health insurance coverage. 1500 CME Malpractice claims made with tail NO PTO (coming to terms that most don't offer this in EDs) The benefits leave a lot to be desired but the hourly seems decent for a new grad. What do you think? Thank you!
  5. Hey guys, i have been accepted to both programs and im having a hard time picking one of the two. Manhattan program is longer and it is near my house but bay shore is further and shorter. Could somebody who has a little more knowledge about either school tell me their opinion?
  6. Hey! I was recently accepted to the Winthrop PA program. I'm coming from relatively far away so I'm going to start looking for apartments in the Long Island area in towns nearby Mineola (between Mineola and Bay Shore). I don't know if anyone else is looking for a roommate but if so, message me if you'd like! I checked if there was an accepted students Facebook group for this kind of thing but I haven't seen it yet. Hopefully it gets posted soon. Can't wait to meet everyone!
  7. I decided to become a P.A a few years ago. I made the decision to become an LPN first, before going back to school and pursuing a dual B.S/MS PA program. I am 27 years old, I went to a four year CUNY college immediately out of High School majoring in Anthropology and World Religions. I was about 60 credits in and 20 years old when I left college to work full time to help my family out (dad left and was the primary financial provider, younger siblings in high school, my older stay at home mommy with no workforce experience court fees and second mortgage). My older sister was in her seni
  8. Howdy folks Wanted to tap all of your brains and inquire about current practice, warnings, precautions and general issues with concussion and head injury. The ERs in my locale have shown a perpetual trend to give hydrocodone, flexeril, robaxin, fioricet, zofran, phenergan and other interesting drugs to folks RIGHT after being seen for concussion or head injury. The diagnoses in the ED chart include concussion, assault, contusion to face, head, neck strain, etc ad nauseum. Imaging is hit and miss. Still way too many head CTs being done - probably for the lawyers or just to get the p
  9. Hi Everyone, My name is Christina and I started this forum for people who have been accepted into Touro Manhattan Class of 2017, so we could all start getting in contact and ask each other questions. I also tried starting a Facebook group but a group cannot be created unless you have at a least one member and I don't know anyone else who is accepted yet so hopefully I get to know some of you so I can start the group! I am also looking into moving into the city and hope to find some roommates to move into the city with.
  10. From the AAPA Facebook page: "Working in Oz PAs can now work in Queensland, Australia. Last month, the Queensland Department of Health issued guidelines on "Physician Assistant (PA) Clinical Governance." This now means PAs can work throughout the health sector in this state. Thanks to PA Rod Hooker for bringing this to our attention." http://www.health.qld.gov.au/qhpolicy/docs/gdl/qh-gdl-397.pdf I'm an Aussie citizen and would love to work there one day (a while down the road...). Anyone know of good resources for employment opportunities/job boards for Oz?
  11. We had to answer four questions in our statement with a 1500 character limit that included punctuation. These were my four answers, each question will be read by a separate person on the selections committee. Discuss a personal experience that has shaped the person that you are. How has it changed you? Deciding to join the Army and become first an infantry medic and then progressing to become an Army Flight Paramedic has had the greatest impact on my life. Loyalty, duty, respect, selfless-service, honor, integrity, and personal courage may only be words to some people. To me they rep
  12. Any tips on things to add or change would be greatly appreciated! As you guys know, these can be tough to get out. My conclussion is week but I'm blanking on ways to wrap this up. “Welcome to Kyrgyzstan!” my taxi driver greeted me in Russian after I had loaded my luggage into the trunk of his decades-old Lada. Arriving well past midnight on Turkish Airlines flight 346, I caught a fleeting glimpse of the mountainous Central Asian country that was to become my home as an English teacher for the next year as we sped past shuttered bazaars and Soviet-era highrises. Although I had focused on h
  13. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone who is accepted to Touro NV class 2014 and is going to go to a different school could let us know! Just so we can get an idea for those of us on the waitlist. I spoke with Touro today and they said their is about 19 people on the waitlist. The next depo is May 1st so that is when they will have a better idea who is declining their spot and will start calling the waitlist. Thank you and good luck to all!!
  14. Do MDs have to take a general test before they can get their speciality credentials? I mean is their one test that all MDs take like our PANCE?
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