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Found 3 results

  1. To keep a long story short - I am 24 years old and attending South University in Savannah, GA for Psychology. I originally wanted to do something along the lines of neurology, psychiatry, or pathology. Ultimately, I have gained an extreme interest in becoming a PA. My main concerns are my chances of acceptance into a PA program - specifically the program provided at South University in Savannah, GA. I do not have any experience in the medical field. I've worked at Gulfstream Aerospace (a very good job/position) in Savannah for almost 3 years. I make about $60,000 per year in my current position, so it would be hard for me to leave to become something like an EMT to gain experience in a field and still having the possibility of not even being accepted into the program. By the time I finish my undergrad, my resume when applying to the PA program will look something along the lines of: 3.4 GPA, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (yes, I know it's not science, but I will take all the prerequisites), with no real-life experience. Also, I will be 27 years old, which seems a tad old. What are the chances of me being accepted with a decent GPA, bachelors in Psych, and no experience?
  2. Hi, I just turned 45 and am just getting back into the swing of things due to a back injury that had me on SSDI for 5 years. My background: I am a veteran, joined the USAF at 17 right out of HS. After separating from the AF I came back home and started working in IT. I was married young at 21 and worked in IT for about 18 years. Had many jobs requiring a College degree but never got one. I am still happily married to a Nurse. She has been an RN for over 25 uears and is now in Managment in one of the top Hospitals in NYC. I have always loved science and did very well in school and found science to be my passion. I have started and stopped college a few times. Stopping usually because of time demands of my IT jobs. But I did maintain a 4.0 GPA in all my courses incouding A&P 1&2, Biology etc. Working FT and taking 15-18 credits at the same time. But then my job woul demand my time and college had to stop due to bills. So then I hurt ly nack amd have been out for 5 years. My wife has insisted I should go back to school and is willing to allow me to go to school FT and not work. I have always loved science and being married to a medical professional for so long it has worn off on me and I would love to be a medical professional myself. MD would be ideal but PA seems more realistic and faster. When i ask my wife she is extremely supportive and she says with my brain PA school would be perfect and assures me academics wuld not be a problem. I have always been academically inclined and even in the AF I graduated top in my class as an F-15 Aircraft Technician. So my question is this? My back is what it is and without surgery I will deal with in and off pain for life. Am I too old to go to school? I live in NYC and live right next door to me ne of the top hospitals in the country. Know plenty of MD's and medical mgmt and they assure me I would have a job if and when i graduate. I am interested in Surgery so I would like to pursue a Surgical PA program. My concern is that the school would look at my disability time and hold it against me for fear of it flaring up again. So i am seeking advice and thoughts of anyone that has been in similr predicaments. Any help wouldI be appreciated. Sorry for any typos but typing on my phone with big thumbs is a pain in the butt. So thoughts, advice?? Thanks in advance
  3. Okay, so I'm 31 years old and am in the military. I have no intentions of staying in the military (I have 2 1/2yrs left) because I want to be with my family (wife & kids and basically everyone else). By the time I get out of the military, I will be 34. I'm taking 2 classes per semester and am almost done with general ed courses. I will have my GI bill that will help me with most if not all of my degree. So now for the question...Am I or will I be too old to become a PA? Also can someone break it down what I need and how long it would take to become one.
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