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Found 25 results

  1. Hey, I'm just rolling through to see if I can help expand your studying database. Check out this post of various resources you can utilize to help you ACE the EOR exams, and eventually the PANCE!!! I hope this helps... The final link is to my personal study guides, yes I know I do the most! https://randomjournalposts.blogspot.com/2020/02/how-to-study-in-pa-school.html
  2. Hi, everyone. I’m going to attempt becoming a PA and need some advice. I have a good idea on what I’ll be doing to attempt getting into programs, so I’ll go ahead and give you my estimated credentials when applying to a program, sometime in the next 4 years. Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in Health Sciences from Arizona State University. 3.6 GPA Standard GRE scores (haven’t taken any yet, but to play it safe, I’ll just say I’ve hypothetically scored average or slightly above average) Surgical Technician degree from a local technical college with ~ 2,000 hours clinical experience with ~ 500 hours of volunteer hospital-related work. Seeking to become a Surgical Physician Assistant. My main concern is that I’ll be attending ASU Online. I live in Georgia, so I’m sure the topic will be brought up and if I moved here, took online classes, etc. I’m completely content with online classes and don’t think they’ll harm my chances. I’ve inquired to PA programs near me, and they have all said they accept online programs like I’m pursuing, but that doesn’t let me know if someone would be deemed more competitive if they had similar credentials as me but in a physical campus. For my labs (required for PA program acceptance), I will actually have to fly out of state and attend those in person in an accelerated fashion specifically designed for out of state online students, so I’m still getting that physical lab presence, and it’s from a highly respected university. With all that being said, I currently have a job in aviation with a Fortune 500 company - I know, totally different world. My point is that I make really good money for my age. I’m 24 and made a little over $60,000 last year, which is very good in Georgia. So I don’t want to leave my current job to pursue school in a more traditional sense. I’m actually attending two colleges simultaneously - the local tech college for my Surgical Technician degree and ASU. I’ve just started on my ST program, which will take about 18 months. In this time, I can continue to go to ASU Online, work towards my bachelor’s, and save up as much money as possible from my job. After I complete the ST program, I’ll leave my current job to gain some clinical experience. I’ll have about 2-3 years left for me to finish my bachelors, which will give me plenty of time to rack up those required clinical hours. Sorry to rant, but I just wanted to get everything out there in a single post. Do you guys think I’m on the right track? How do you feel about me getting an online degree from ASU while simultaneously working for clinical experience? Does getting a degree part-time look less competitive than someone who’s going to college full time? How do you feel about my credentials? Answers to any questions are highly appreciated! Thanks again.
  3. I am shadowing an Emergency Medicine Resident PA in the next few days and am looking for some advice. I have not met the PA I am shadowing yet but I just want to make sure I do my best and I am as helpful as possible without overstepping. I understand the obvious things one would never do but am wondering if anyone has any helpful advice or tips from their first shadowing experience, or if any current PAs have suggestions that they look for when a student is shadowing. Any stories, tips, or advice, is welcomed and appreciated!
  4. Hello All, My husband and I have been contemplating the new VA scholarship for PA students that was posted in the financial aid thread. They pay your tuition and a monthly stipend. For a minimum 2 year commitment. It would be for the last year of my husband's schooling. It essentially would amount to about 51,000 dollars in tuition and stipend plus all the interest we would be saving not having to pay loans on that amount. We were trying to get an idea of how much the VA would pay a new grad, but the answer I got from the scholarship program specialist is that there are too many variables(education, experience, and locality) to give a good range. So I did some digging. According to www.opm.gov a PA with a master's degree with no experience as a PA would get you the GS-09 level. Also based on some website, cost of living adjustments range between 14.35%-35.75%. It seems the average for most of the country is around 15-16% cost of living adjustment. https://www.opm.gov/policy-data-oversight/classification-qualifications/general-schedule-qualification-standards/0600/physician-assistant-series-0603/ So I went onto usajobs.gov. Typed in Physician Assistant, put the GS-09 level in a filter which says the pay range is between $49,765-$64,697. Based on their "Steps" a person would start on Step 1 to Step 10, So 64,697 is their Step 10. After 1 year experience you would move up to GS-11 and the following year GS-12 it looks like. GS-12 pay range is $72,168-$93,821. When you look at the job postings, a lot of them say "starting at" whatever wage that is higher than the minimum, but are they only taking PA's with experience that would be at a higher GS level? So my question is, is the scholarship even worth doing? If a new grad starts out at 49,765 plus COLA right out of the gate, it seems like you could essentially pay off the loan within 2 years with that big of a pay gap compared with finding something in the private sector. And of course there is no guarantee on location or specialty for those 2 years even though they ask for your top 5 choices. It seems that they have good benefits, but not so much to off set that amount of pay difference. Does any one have thoughts on this? Thanks!
  5. Hey guys! My name is Elizabeth Luttner and I realized there isn't any forum for students who were accepted at AB this term, and are planning on attending in May. I was going to make an FB group but I have to be friends with at least one person first! So I thought this would be a good start! My main question right now is where everyone is planning on living. Philippi is pretty small and I can't really find apartment options online right now. Does anyone have any suggestions? Also, does anyone know someone who's attending/attended the program? Thanks and I'm excited to meet everyone! Liz
  6. futureERPA


    Hi everyone, This might sound silly but what is an interim? I took a class in the summer that lasted 10 weeks (I'm in a quarter system) And took classes for summer session I and II. This 10 week class was between the two sessions so would I put it as interim or just either summer 1 or summer 2? I hope that makes sense.
  7. Hey there, I am a second year PA student and I have a blog PAjourney.com where I post advice for students looking to get into the profession. Recently I wrote a post that I hope will help new PA students survive didactic year. I thought it would also be great if other experienced PA students gave advice in the comments section on what helped them survive. Because lets face it, the one year of didactic learning we do is probably harder than any academic year in any other major/degree/profession in existence. Med students have a long road ahead of them, but no single year of their education even comes close to the challenge of didactic year for PA students. Please read my article below and add your own advice in the comments of this post! PAjourney: End of Didactic Year, Thoughts & Advice From the 1/2-way Mark
  8. I wanted to share my latest blog post on here. It is about the challenges of starting PA school and what to expect in your first two months. Hope that some of you find it useful: http://pajourney.com/2015/07/16/head-above-water/ Please comment, especially if you can share your own experiences of starting PA school.
  9. I wanted to share my latest blog post on here. It is about the challenges of starting PA school and what to expect in your first two months. Hope that some of you find it useful: http://pajourney.com/2015/07/16/head-above-water/
  10. Why do PAs burnout? I realize WE all need to find ways to de-stress our lives. What tips have helped you when things seem to fall apart?
  11. I am a new grad seeking advice about a position I accepted in ophthalmology. The office never had a PA before. No other office in the area has one. Another part of state and few other states have PAs. Unable to reach them via email or office number. Can anyone help me guide my path through this new opportunity?
  12. Enjoy! Let me know if there is anything you think I should add! I'm open to any and all ideas! http://doseofpa.blogspot.com/2014/08/anatomy-tips-and-tricks-for-physician.html
  13. Hi, I'm a current student from UT Southwestern's PA program. I wrote these blog posts a few months ago, but they are very much relevant. I'd suggest reading over them if you're unsure about your essay and need some direction. I also have blog posts about the interview (with tips!), so check out the rest of my posts as well. Learn all you can before your interviews! Good luck future PAs! PA Narrative Tips: http://doseofpa.blogspot.com/2014/02/caspa-personal-narrative-tips.html Supplemental App Tips: http://doseofpa.blogspot.com/2014/03/supplemental-applications-and-physician.html Paul
  14. Here are a few helpful links you pre-PA students might appreciate. Good luck this cycle! CASPA Information: http://doseofpa.blogspot.com/2014/03/caspa-and-applying-to-pa-school.html Health Care Experience & CASPA: http://doseofpa.blogspot.com/2014/02/health-care-experience-and-pa-school.html Choosing the Right PA School: http://doseofpa.blogspot.com/2014/03/choosing-right-physician-assistant.html The GRE, MCAT, and PA School: http://doseofpa.blogspot.com/2014/03/the-gre-and-mcat-and-pa-school.html Shadowing for PA School: http://doseofpa.blogspot.com/2014/03/shadowing-for-physician-assistant-school.html Letters of Recommendation: http://doseofpa.blogspot.com/2014/03/letters-of-recommendation-physician.html
  15. Hello! My name is John and I applied to LSU Shreveport (LSUS), and have gotten the email saying that they are reviewing my application. It's been over a week since they have emailed me that and I was wondering if anyone knows how long it takes to hear back from them. I have been given an interview at Christian Brothers, in Memphis, and they only took two days to get back to me after reviewing my file. Any thoughts on this would be great. Thanks! Good luck to all!
  16. Hello! I have applied to UAMS this year. I was wondering how long it takes for them to get back to you about inviting you to an interview. I applied to Christian Brothers, in Memphis, and they offered me an interview within a couple of days. Does anyone know how long it takes and what the interview is like? Of course, I'm assuming I get one. Has anyone heard back from them yet? Thanks so much!
  17. I am a new grad and accepted a position as a PA in ophthalmology. The office never had a PA before and no others offices in the area have one either. I am not sure what my role can truly be in the office. There are some PAs in the specialty in other parts of the state and a few other states. Cannot reach them via email or office number. Can someone help shine light on my path?
  18. Hello, I want to make this short and sweet. My wife will be starting a PA program this fall. I know she is more than capable. She is very knowledgeable and she will make an excellent PA. However, I want to try to support her and give her some encouragement. That said, I want to write a short book with advice from current PAs/Students/Dr. My hope is she will be able to refer to this for tips and support whenever she is struggling. I would greatly appreciate it if you all could give me your best advice for new students/PAs. The advice can be about anything. Examples: how to study, manage stress, enjoy yourself, be a good PA/medical student/Dr., what to focus on, student loan debt, balance daily life with school, etc. Like I said any tips would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to PM me with your name if you would like proper credit and would like to see the finished version of this. I truly appreciate you taking the time to read this. Thank you!
  19. Hi everyone! I am preparing myself early for o'chem and was wondering if anyone of you could make some recommendations in how to study o'chem? Tips, tricks, books etc
  20. Hi everyone! I am preparing myself early for pharm and was wondering if anyone of you could make some recommendations in how to study pharm? Tips, tricks, books etc
  21. I want to become a PA more than anything else and am willing to do all it takes until it becomes a reality. I have applied for my first time this year and unfortunately did not get accepted nor interviewed. I was optimistic when I submitted my application as everyone should be however, I was no necessarily surprised when I was not accepted. I am aware my application is in need of improvements before reapplying however I want to be sure this is what the schools I'm applying to want from me before I go ahead and do what i think they'd want from me. This is the draft of the email I plan to send out. PLEASEE comment and critique, I'm not too sure if it sounds okay. Dear ABCD, I am writing to you today to ask for a reevaluation and insight on how I can improve my overall application to your Physician Assistant program when I reapply. When I submitted my application I had a 2.93 science GPA and an 2.74 overall GPA. I had over 500 hours of healthcare experience along with two certifications as a Phlebotomy and an EKG Technician. I understand the application process is extremely competitive and am aware that there are areas to be improved upon. Would retaking science courses or completing a MS program be preferred to boost my GPA? I have also since the time of my application started my new job as a Nutrition Clerk at a hospital where I communicate with the patients and other healthcare professionals to ensure accuracy with diet orders, nourishment, supplements, and tube feedings. While there is some patient care experience within my job, I would like to know if additional shadowing or more hours utilizing my certifications would be suggested? Despite being deferred my first time applying to your school, ABCD remains my first choice and I am determined to do everything necessary to make myself a more competitive applicant in my next application. Thank you for your time.
  22. Hi everyone, I have a job interview for a medical scribe position in a few days and I was wondering if anyone had any interview tips that they would like to share. I've been waiting a long time for this type of HCE and I'm really nervous that I may blow it. :sweat: I am HORRIBLE at interviews and need all the help I can get. Questions: 1. What kind of questions do they typically ask? 2. Are the interviews intense (in your opinion)? 3. What type of person are they looking for? Thanks for your help. :smile:
  23. New grad who just signed a contract to be single-coverage in a rural ED. My question to you old salts is how do I get up to speed as fast as possible? I have signifcant experience in critical decision-making (20 years in SAR), have focused on becoming an EM PA for over 10 years, and I read everything I can. I'm a member of SEMPA, and considering going to their annual conference in Las Vegas in March. I'm also considering going to the Chamberlain EM specialty training in February (although probably won't do both). Which would you recommend to a new grad in my situation? Any other suggestions on to get up to speed asap? Thanks, in advance, for any advice?
  24. Hi all, I'm really stuck on not wanting to completely scrap my last year's PS. The thing is, my original personal statement states all the influences and reasons/drive/motivation to become a PA. I mean, that innate drive shouldn't change in a year, right? So does that mean I should rewrite this part of my PS? Thanks in advance! :)
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