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Found 6 results

  1. I recently interviewed with and was offered a part-time position with a private practice foot & ankle surgery group in Virginia. The job would be clinic only and no call. The exact schedule is to be determined at this point but I suspect somewhere close to 20 hours a week based on my availability likely to include some Saturdays. I have about 5 years of experience in general orthopedics, urgent care/occ health, and med/surg. This practice has not ever had a PA before but is very open to the idea and big on work/life balance. They essentially told me to take some time to write up my ideal hourly rate and benefits package and what I would want for a schedule. I haven't had much experience with part time compensation and benefits as I have only ever worked full time. What should I ask for? Do I need to adjust the benefits based on part time work? I want to make sure I set the bar high for any future PAs they work with but be reasonable at the same time. Here's what I'm thinking based on the 2015 AAPA regional and national salary reports (staying in the 50th-75th percentiles) and previous experience: $55/hr $2500 CME stipend, 40 hours CME PTO per calendar year Malpractice covered: occurrence or claims made with tail PTO (including vacation and sick time) 160 hours per calendar year (equivalent to 4 weeks) Maternity leave paid 12 weeks (though not sure how to calculate this for part time work. Based on 20 hour week? 40 hour week?) Bereavement paid 3 days NCCPA fees, State licensing , and DEA registration AAPA membership + 1 specialty membership Flexible spending account for healthcare (up to $2550) and daycare (up to $5k) Employer paid long term disability: 60% of income Employer paid life insurance: $50,000 Retirement: 3% of salary contributed to retirement by the employer regardless of employee contribution Crossfit gym membership (one of the partner docs owns a gym near me) (Don't need health insurance, got it through husband) Or should I just ask for a higher hourly rate with malpractice and tail and forgo the rest of the benefits? Did I miss anything important I should ask for? Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone, I've recently made the decision to pursue PA school. I am a 4th year Psychology major with 3 years of research experience in cognition and behavioral neuroscience. However, I need 3 semesters (Spring 2015, Fall 2015, Spring 2016) to complete my prerequisites. Does every school require the completion of all prerequisites prior to applying? Will I need to fill out the CASPA in September 2016 for admission in August 2017? Or will it be possible to apply to some schools in September 2015 for admission in August 2016? Thank you, Metelex
  3. A lot of people are asking me when my interviews will be. I've been telling them I don't know, but probably in early fall. I submitted my application in the middle of May. When will the schools, based on applying in mid-May, begin contacting applicants for interviews? What is the amount of time between when the applicant gets contacted for an interview and the interview itself?
  4. I am curious how much time do you spend with each patient?
  5. I've just recently decided that I wanted to take the PA route. I've been a pre-health student, B.S. in Biological Sciences, so I am good on the prereqs. Here's my situation, this is my junior year. GPA: 4.0 both cumulative and science I only have about 50 volunteer hours so far in a hospital, which I am still at. [i have plenty (at least 200 hrs) from volunteering in various places in high school, which really wasn't that long ago for me but I don't know if I can use this?] I'm going to get CNA certified but the soonest would be by Feb., leaving me with only a couple months of experience (about 250 hrs). I'm planning on starting to volunteer at a local hospice, so by the time I apply in the summer I would have 400-500hrs of patient contact total. My paid work experience: Summer with Artworks program, public murals project. Health Sciences program at the university (336 hrs), participant with stipend Tutoring services through the university (continuing) Lab Assistant for Chemistry dept. (continuing) Supplemental instructor for health and nutrition course (future, next semester) Extracurriculars: Biology club (VP) Premed society (club) Christians on Campus Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society Multicultural Association of Premed Students (MAPS) I would still have to prepare and take the GRE, too. Schools I am interested in: Baylor, Kettering, Yale, Philadelphia, Alabama (birmingham), UMDMJ ..Now that I'm typing this out, my application looks a little weak. It seems like a lot of work to cram everything by June/July (all these HCE hours, GRE, applications, etc.) Actually, I could technically graduate after fall semester next year, after applying. But I'm planning on studying art abroad in Italy spring semester while I'm still receiving financial aid, so I'm delaying graduation. Should I wait another year to apply? I could get in more HCE, spread out my classes, study more for the GRE, be able to put my study abroad experience on my application...and spend that extra semester or two either working or going to a Bible training college I've been looking into. I really don't know what to do. Are my schools too beyond my reach? I need schools that don't have a high requirement for HCE, will accept AP credit, and preferably don't require statistics or additional psych. courses. I'm hoping my GPA will help. I would really appreciate any help! Thanks in advance.
  6. I know it can take up to 4 weeks but I have been waiting for an online university's transcript to show up on CASPA. I didn't expect it to take three weeks for a transcript to be mailed because all my others have been there since the beginning of July. I am getting nervous because some of the deadlines are September 1st for the programs I'm applying to and I was hoping someone knew how long it's been taking CASPA to finish processing after they receive everything.
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