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Found 3 results

  1. Good evening! I posted in this forum a few months ago with a question re: application requirements and everybody was very helpful. I am an SLP practicing in Michigan. When I look at the "Patient Care Experience" information for the programs I am looking at it mentions CNA, Respiratory Therapist, PT/OT assistants, and even RPT and OTRs. However, they never list speech therapy. Is speech therapy considered less desirable for PCE? I specialize in dysphagia management so I do a lot of med reviews, checking labs, risk analysis, and assessment of physiological function pertaining to the swallow as all of these things can have a bearing on swallowing. I have to get very involved with medical care and decision making when advancing a diet as the patient could have very bad immediate adverse outcomes if not properly managed. I have noticed over the years that this approach and these skills seems to be rare among SLPs and many (especially in SNF) seem to be a bit dim on the medical side. Is there a bad view of SLPs because of this? Are SLPs viewed as being undesirable for PA programs? I very much want to advance my career in this direction but I am worried this will hold me back.
  2. I am currently in my final year of classes and will go on my clinical rotations in May. I had a mental illness and severe anxiety and depression which led me to steal as a coping mechanism. I was caught and will have a misdeamor of theft on my criminal backround check that my school will run on me before I can start my rotations. I am currently in therapy and plan to make a full recovery to not let this happen again. I am afraid I will not be able to go on my clinical rotations with this now on my background which will also prevent me from graduating the PA program. Does anyone have any expierence or advice for me? I am currently in the pretrial part and may get a diversion but will not know until Feb. which would drop the charges but still be on my record.
  3. Any PA's out there being charged supervisory fees by their SP? I've never heard of this!!
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