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Found 9 results

  1. Hello Everyone new to PA forums- I have some textbooks that I am selling as I graduated and no longer need them. I have pictures, all are in great condition. I am located in Tempe Arizona so if you are looking for AT STILL, MIDWESTERN or NAU PA PROGRAMS, then this is for you. Prices are whatever the used pride on amazon is minus 20% assuming your in AZ and I don’t have to ship. Edited for what I have left!!! Pharmacology 4th edition from Lippincott Willams and Wilkins- Surgical recall 7th edition by Lorne H Blackbourne- A must have if you have a surgery rotation, seriously this book is a life savor, every chapter has a set of popular pimp questions that Preceptors try to make you miss.LANGE Q&A Physician Assistant 5th edition 225 question practice test with 1100 questions and detailed answers- I counted approximately 25 pages where I circled answers on the questions, after that I just used a separate pieces of paper.Tolerances- an orthopaedic reference manual 3rd edition- small pocket book for an ortho rotation- Only recommend if you want ortho surgeryManual for Eye Examination and Diagnosis 9th edition by Mark W Leitman- full color
  2. Selling a collection of books used for PA/medical school for $400. Must be able to pick up from Sunset Park, Brooklyn and must be bought as a complete bundle. Books have been used but all books are in good/excellent condition; some have highlight marks. - Goldman's Cecil Medicine 24th ed. - Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment 2016 Lange- Current Surgery 14th ed. Lange- Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking 11th ed. Bates- Basic and Clinical Pharmacology 13th ed. Lange- Basic Pathology 9th ed. Kumar Abbas Aster - Atlas of Anatomy 2nd ed. - Obstetrics and Gynecology 7th ed. Charles R.B. Beckmann- Applying Moral Theories 5th ed. Harris - Understanding Health Policy 7th ed. Bodenheimer Grumbach- Essential Clinical Procedures 3rd ed. Elsevier- Clinically Oriented Anatomy 7th ed. Moore- Physiology 5th ed. Costanzo - Deja Review Emergency Medicine Jang - Boards and Wards 5th ed. Ayala Spellberg- Clinical Pocket Reference 11th ed. Gomella Haist - Freakonomics Levitt & Dubner - Superfreakonomics Levitt & Dubner I will also be throwing in my Netter's Anatomy Flash Cards 2nd Edition as well as my Venipuncture Course and Training Kit (hardly used) Craigslist Listing: https://newyork.craigslist.org/brk/bks/d/brooklyn-selling-medical-textbooks-for/6811458463.html
  3. As I am about to start buying the textbooks for school this fall I wondered if past students would share their thoughts on online textbooks vs real paper. Also, did you keep any of your textbooks and use them after school as references? Please let me know if this is already covered in a previous topic or should be listed elsewhere.
  4. I am looking for a good pediatric critical care reference text. I've heard that the big three are · Fuhrman and Zimmerman. Pediatric Critical Care. 4th Edition. 2011 · Shaffner and Nichols. Rogers' Textbook of Pediatric Intensive Care. 5th Edition. 2015. · Wheeler, Wong, and Shanley. Pediatric Critical Care Medicine: Basic Science and Clinical Evidence. 2007. My question is.. I have no way to go see any of these texts in person. Anyone have any good comparisons on the three texts? I would be learning more toward Roger's just because its the most current - however I'm not sure if that is a good enough reason. I'll be using it just as a reference for understanding the sick kiddos I'm taking care of, but I'll be working in Neurosurgery. Any opinions would be much appreciated. Happy Holidays!
  5. I don't start for another two months and want to get some good textbooks for time spent in a general ortho practice, and ER/hospital call. I need three things.... 1. physical examination (Physical Exam of the Spine & Extremities by Hoppenfield has been recommended to me) 2. a general book with concise information on each dx/ddx (Essentials of MSK care 4th ed?) 3. fracture management Don't need stuff with filler material like ortho notes or ortho tarascon. Nothing digital. Bonus points for pediatric material
  6. Looking for someone selling their CME folder and or any PANCE prepatory binders, pdf files, etc. Please email me at - Tesla313@live.com Thank you in advance and Happy Holidays.
  7. I have a huge library of ebooks I purchased. I offering my a package of 5 (25$ each) -10 ebooks ($20 each). Trust me, you won't find a cheaper deal. Also, if you don't mind telling me if you are a medical student, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant student. Books: None of the books on Ebay or Amazon are cheaper than $40. Bates Guide to PE and History Clinical Radiology Made Ridiculously Simple (MedMaster Series) Clinician's Pocket Reference Current Medical Diagnosis & Treatment 2013 Differential Diagnosis Mnemonics First Aid Cases for the USMLE Step 2 CK 2ed 2010 First Aid for the USMLE Step 1 2014 First.Aid.for.the.USMLE.Step.3.3rd.Ed First Aid for the USMLE Step 2 CK 7th Edition Goljan - Rapid Review Pathology Robbins Basic Pathology (9th Edition) Pocket Medicine 4th Edition Kaplan Notes for Step 2 CK: IM/ObGyn/Peds/Psch/QBook/Surgery Made Ridiculously Easy Books (all) Step-Up to USMLE Step 1 - Fourth Edition Step-up to Step 2 CK 3rd Edition Video Lectures: - All Dr. Najeeb lectures: $100 (regularly offered at $99/yr membership). www.drnajeeblectures.com - All FutureTeachingPhysicians lectures: $75 (regularly offered at $34/yr membership) http://www.ftplectures.com - Doctors in Training USMLE Step 2 Course: $75 http://www.doctorsintraining.com/ - USMLE Express Full Step 1 - $125 (regularly offered at minimum of $1000/yrs membership) http://www.kaptest.com/Medical-Licensing/Step1/s1-comprehensive.html?tb=live-prep - Kaplan Medical Step 3 - with Dr. Conrad Fischer - $100 - Kaplan USMLE Step 2 - Complete video lectures - $125 (regularly offered at minimum of $1000/yrs membership) http://www.kaptest.com/Medical-Licensing/Step2ck/s2ck-comprehensive.html Board Exam Practice: - Depending on what type of student are you: If you would like to pass the PANCE first time around, you buy this. If not, then you wait. I can get you this too.
  8. good day all, I start PA school in March and plan on starting to build my reference libarary now... any thoughts on eBook vs. paper copy? Frankly I really like the feel of flipping through an actual book. When you need to look something up grabbing a reference book vs a iPad looks less like: "uhh... i dunno, lemme google dat." The obvious and major drawback is that they are huge, heavy, and pretty much need to stay in the office where eBooks go with you everywhere. What has been your expereince/preference and why?
  9. I have just been accepted to PA school at the University of Colordo - Denver and I was wondering if anyone actually referred back to their textbooks from undergrad? Basically, I am wondering if they are worth keeping (and moving across the US) or if I should donate/sell them?? I figure my anatomy book is worth keeping but what about various chemistry textbooks? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks
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