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Found 1 result

  1. Hi All, I am currently in my second year of optometry school and have been having serious doubts about my choice to become an optometrist for the past year. I have continued with school because I wanted to be sure in my decision to leave before doing so.. I have already made it half way through school and invested a decent amount of money. However I am now POSITIVE the profession is not for me and am considering other options. I love the patient care aspect of optometry, however what I hate is the feeling that I have to SELL products to my patients to make any money in the profession once I am done with school. The more I learn about the profession of optometry, the more I realize it is hard to find rewarding career opportunities within the field unless you want to own your own practice. I don't want to own my own practice, and I don't want to work at Walmart or Lenscrafters or the like for the rest of my life pushing products. I want to work in a clinic or a hospital working directly with patients, not selling products, even if it may mean making less money. I think PA school would be a wonderful option for me, given I already know I like the health care field... just not optometry. I am just curious as to what those who have been through the PA application/matriculation/graduation process think about this switch... do you think it would hurt my chances of being accepted anywhere. My undergrad GPA (cumulative and science) is reasonably competitive I believe (3.5). For those who have just finished school, what are the career opportunities like? Were you able to find a position quickly in an area you wanted to be in? I am obviously going to shadow some PAs, and talk to as many as possible before making the final call to go to PA school because I don't want to make the same mistake I did with optometry, but either way I am not going to finish optometry school because I know it just isn't for me. Any input from those who have been in a similar situation or have any constructive insight would be much appreciated! Thanks for your time!
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